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The Olympics

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Ha, quality! =))


Got to watch the opening ceremony in 3D because my dad recently splashed out and bought a fancy telly and surround sound. I was floored... a beautifully stunning work of creative vision and choreography. And a nice touch with the lighting of the flame, too.

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some papers in australia and the usa couldn't help but work in some racial stereotyping about the irish (i.e. Drinking gallons of guinness and whiskey, etc.) after katie's last victory. Wonder what we can expect if she gets through to the final!?


Gold medal!

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What makes the win even greater is the fact that the Russian girl is a brilliant fighter also. When most people are sleeping in the early hours of the morning Katie is out running and doing road work. She also trains in the ring sparring and does gym work. When I look back at Euro 88 and Italia 90 this eclipses it for me as Katie won gold and deserves all the praise and out pourings of jubilation that she gets. Lets not forget her dad Pete and the other members of the team that have done equally great work and put in enormous effort.


I look forward to seeing the rest of the boxing team winning medals also as they also are deserving of them.



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