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Baile na leipreachán

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Dia dhuit! Hi!

I'm new here. And I'm growwing up @ "The Flanders Fields County", in the west of Belgium. A Flemish/Dutch spoken part of Belgium. And the place where more than 70.000 young Irishmen are killed in the First Great War.

I'm now 20yrs traindriver for the SNCB, the Belgian National Railways Company. My first Irish Railways models: The Lima 207 'Enterprise' and 3 'Galway livery coaches'.

Since a few years. I'm a member of the Dutch/Holland "Britse ModuleBaan 00 groep. Just a group of friends who likes the Brittish Railways. (I Am the only Belgian one, and the Irish driver only) Every one build a module "lookbox" (180cm) an 2 'Black Box'es" (2x30cm). A few times a year, we have a meeting alround Holland: @ 9:30AM we built up the modules; 11:00AM we start the driving sessions  alround the clock of 04:00PM we deconnecting the layout. We use the white Roco z21 central station with Roco Maus; Roco App; and Digitrains App.

The last year, we have our first invitations on Eurospoor 2017 and Ontrax 2018 (Utrecht NL both). En we go to Eurospoor 2018 again:

https://www.flickr.com/photos/46742861@N03/40761001522/in/album-72157692712780801/  ;  https://www.flickr.com/photos/46742861@N03/38992863940/in/album-72157692712780801/  ;  https://www.flickr.com/photos/46742861@N03/40760996982/in/album-72157693723271874/  ;  https://www.flickr.com/photos/46742861@N03/40760998532/in/album-72157664668954677/

Before, i have support a part the Fiddle Yard modules. Now i will start to built a Irish Lookbox: It must be a 'green one', and maybe with a round tower. (Isle of Ireland Peace Parc, Messines)

More information about the Holland BMB-Group (English language):  http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/132233-the-bmb-a-british-modular-layout-in-holland/

@ The Duth forum: https://forum.beneluxspoor.net/index.php?board=143.0

Les meas, Kind regards,


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Hi Jan,

Welcome to the forum! I have been to Flanders and to visit the grave of a family member who died in World War I. Today, it's a beautiful region and the people are very welcoming.

Your group's layout looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing more!



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Welcome, Jan,

Timahoe is my favourite round tower - I often wonder what Erich von Daniken would have made of it...


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Welcome Jan

von Daniken says... 'It's an alien space rocket that the Anunnaki left here long ago, the Vikings stole the ladder and they could not get into it! These space rockets were used to transport gold from earth to the mother-ship called 'Nibiru' - the missing twelfth planet! Proof that far more intelligent life and technologies existed before we came along'.......:D


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