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Belfast - Dublin 'infrequent snail'

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While I have sympathy with the views expressed by Lord Adonis, is it right to compare Dublin-Belfast to London-Birmingham?There are at least three routes between the English cities, much of it four tracks, whereas there is only one route between the Irish cities and that is only double track. Also, the Irish operators are trying to provide a one size fits all approach with every train, effectively, a semi fast. There are no non-stop trains between Dublin and Belfast, or anywhere in Ireland for that matter. Correct me if I’m wrong.


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3 minutes ago, DERAILED said:

What an eejit! Antiquated locomotive and carriages - would he prefer the rubbish ICRs that are inflicted on most of us? He's correct on the poor timings which were far better 30 years ago. Let him get the Rosslare 'Europort' service.

Agree, the Belfast Enterprise coach sets and the Cork mk4 coach sets are the most comfortable trains running on the Island. I regularly use the Cork service but will cease the minute they replace the mk4 sets with the lousy uncomfortable and noisy 22k 'luasy' DMU sets.  

He was a bit silly to compare the numbers and traffic level on busy UK rail routes with Dublin-Belfast route, no comparison. Says more about the man himself that he didn't check the times beforehand - poor preparation like many in his profession.

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I think that Lord Adonis has a point. You would expect a much better service between major cities but I feel that the governments are more interested investing in roads than rail. I feel that the Mark IIs and IIIs were far better coaches as compared with the current locomotive hauled stock. I gave up using the train from Dublin to Longford, the bus is cheaper and just as quick and, at times, arrives in Longford before the train. I like the 22K railcars, I think they're great, roomy and comfortable, the best buy in years by CIE/IÉ. The noisiest thing about them are other passengers.

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It seems reasonable to wait and see what level of chaos exists at the border after March next year, before chucking any money at that route.

And, as for moaning about it being a diesel, it seems hardly likely to be electrified in the near future.

I find that like the 22s more than I want to - as a passenger, they're better than the DMUs I suffer on occasion on the Big Island and don't seem very noisy inside (to me), though they do suffer from external engine noise, as the Voyagers, etc., here do.

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Whilst the comparisons between operations in Ireland and that of the mainland may be fanciful I would take the positive out of this in that the notions of a better service between both cities is at least being discussed. Will anything change in the near future?  Hard to tell but at least discussions are being had and the railways aren’t being entirely forgotten in favour of roads. 


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