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Ulster model railway club annual exhibition

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The Train Man

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Forthcoming Exhibition at Carrickfergus Town Hall & Civic Centre


Saturday 25th August 10am to 6pm


Sunday 26th August 1pm to 5 pm


Free Admission



themodelshop.ie will be there on Saturday 25th and we'll have some very special offers!!!-WATCH THIS SPACE...........:tumbsup:


I did say watch this space:


MM Class 201 Locomotives Special Offer for 1 day only Sat 25th August

stg£110.00 each (Cash only-no credit cards)

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Just to say that I will be there as well!


I will have good supplies of my GNR 9 ton van and my new (Dapol) fitted conflat with beer tanks aboard.


If you haven't seen my CIE version of the GNR 20 ton brake - that will be on show as well.


Looking forward to seeing you there. As always, I take sterling or Euros (my wife seems to be able to spend the latter with ease!).



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Will be there myself with a small OO layout from the MRSI

Drop over and say hello

Still looking for 146's if there are any out there looking for a swap, CIE Black and Supertrain available!

MRSI Anniversary wagons available also for £12 , please support the cause,

With the money you are saving from The Model Shop.ie's great 201 offer these wagons work out FREE!

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Guest hidden-agenda

Having attended this show over the last 4 years and spending some time there on Sat and Sun it was as Anthony say,s a very poor public attendance plus it is a free show which should attract bigger numbers and i cant ever remember at previous shows in Carrickfergus being able to stand in the same spot with out having to move after a minute or two.It was great to see Wrenneire and Dave Mirrolo with the MRSI lay-out ( the only Irish lay-out) and meet some of the guys from the site and my main regret not being able to buy my self a new 201 but i fixed that earlier with the key-board.

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any pics ?



No point in taking pics bud as any of the layouts that were there you would have seen last year or the year before that or the year before that.


As with all of the shows North of the Boarder the clubs here prefer to model British steam or Diesel and ignore their own Countries Railways when it comes to show layouts. Shameful really. I think the UMRC needs to drastically do something with this show for next year or I can see the final nail in the coffin been struck. The Bangor show is also heading down this road and for me was a major let down this year. Their attitude of rejecting OO layouts and only wanting N gauge so that they can cram in more traders is the wrong way to go.


Both these clubs that run these shows should take a long hard look at how the Dublin Clubs run their shows as for me the SDMRC and the MRSI are streets ahead of any one else North and South of the border when it comes to running shows.


Roll on October when we will all have some great Irish layouts to look forward to and also the release of the 071's at the show. Also a big Thank you to the MRSI and to Dave Bracken and Dave Mirrolo for taken the time to send and operate an Irish layout at the Carrick show any of this web sites members that were there really appreciated having a beautiful little Irish layout to look at and enjoy.

Edited by Anthony
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Baile Cois Farraige

Had a great time at the show

A lot of interest in the layout as we ran Irish only

Mixture of freight (bubbles & pallet cements + A Class) and passenger

Loads of interest from the public, although the numbers were not great for a 2 day free show.

All in all though a well run event by the Ulster Model Railway club with 15 or more good layouts to look at

I dont know what the retailers thought of it as I did not get to speak with Garreth before I left but there were 5 well stocked traders there

Leslie from Provincial Wagons had some lovely new vans and was also selling off some of his older stock at bargain prices

Love to hear some more feedback from members who attended.





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Some more pictures. The numbers were definitely down on previous years although it was late on Saturday afternoon before I got there. Nice to meet up with some site members and talking to other modellers. I did pick up on two new Irish themed layouts which will be unveiled at the Culta Show.






















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