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Kilkenny v Galway

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As long as Henry Shefflin doesn't pass Ring and Doyle's record I'm happy as Ring and Doyle worked hard for it as there were more teams in contention whereas now Kilkenny have Been in dominance for about 10 years making it much easier for him to pass out the record of two of the greatest hurlers of all time

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My Dad is from Kilkenny so I was delighted for him and everyone involved with Kilkenny to see them win today. Looking at the success that Kilkenny have achieved over the last 14 years other Counties (including my own) should be burying the bitterness and trying to emulate what they have done. The commitment and effort from the panels in that time has led to their almost invincibility in hurling. Try to be like they are mentally, play like they do and you might have a chance.



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It certainly now is time for a change

The past few years have been dominated too much by Kilkenny

With o'shea back with tipp hopefully they can mount an attack on kilkenny


Will any other county have the continuity, hunger for titles, and success that Kilkenny have had over a period. I don't see it myself. All Ireland titles aren't won in September they are won over a year or years in Kilkennys case. The belief and togetherness of the whole panel and the driving force of Brian Coady is what makes them successful. Look at how they celebrated today. The hunger and desire is there in bucket loads and as long as that is the case and the squad continues to build on success and new talent it will continue for as long as they want it.



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