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IRM 1960s wish list

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Would love if some day in the future IRM decided to produce any of the following. Wishful thinking I know but no harm in asking. Now that I have so much IRM stock I'm restless to have the same quality for old coaching stock and older goods wagons. :)   No harm in just asking. 

  • CIE Park Royal mainline coaches
  • CIE Laminate/Bredin coaches
  • CIE AEC 2600 class DMU (I know I know a DMU :) but its old and ran in the 50s and 60s and 70s)
  • CIE ex-2600 Push pull suburban sets
  • BR mk1 GSV
  • CIE 20/30 ton brake vans

IFM IR/IE Park Royal Resin RTR in later tippex livery - can only imagine one done to IRM's amazing specs


IFM CIE Laminate Resin model RTR


CIE 20 Ton brake Van RTR 3D


BR Mk1 GSV (BSK or BCK variant) - Only Silverfox RTR available at the moment.


IRM have raised the bar so high they are making us hungry for more Irish stock to their hyper standards. 

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As far as RTR is concerned:

2 or 3 varieties of laminates / 1950s CIE coaches

AEC cars in GNR (UTA, NIR) styles, and CIE styles.


Outside-panelled GSR / CIE goods van

K15 coach (GNR brown, GNR navy / cream, CIE green, black'n'tan, UTA green, NIR maroon / grey)

"C" class

NCC "Jeep".

80 class railcar set, at least in original and "wasp lining" liveries

MPD railcar 

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the mk1 van is a definate but which type as theres 2 different ones pleanty of liveries  available for them as well.

i would agree that people are a main thing missing as in pacific irish people that you cant get 

plus i would love to see irm do an emu and a steam loco 

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2 or 3 varieties of laminates / 1950s CIE coaches

AEC cars in GNR and CIE styles

2548/2549- full luggage/parcels

Early CIE TPO w BnT without equipment for 70s version(yea, I know, don't say it)

 I'd take steam to go with the AECs and ooworks J15s and Cs if they came. Hoping for a little variety from 70s freights (but fully understand P42 in terms of models and finances) 

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