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Rosbercon station

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16 minutes ago, Wexford70 said:

Strange it's not in the middle picture. Some of the DSER chairs were still in situ from 1911 - 1918. 

The middle picture has what look like 1960s or 70s cars on the street. I'm assuming it was taken after closure to passengers but before the large goods store was demolished.

The chairs may have been laid and relaid with sleeper and rail renewals over the years.

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39 minutes ago, jhb171achill said:

I think the middle pic might be post-1963. Do we know the date of it, I wonder?

Id say you are talking 1964-65.

While passenger services were halted in 63 - I believe some fella on here who has lots of records from this era mentioned a GAA special or two ran over the line in 64 as the main Waterford - Dublin line was overloaded - so the line must still have been extant at this stage - I'm not sure when the line from the Barrow bridge to Macmine Junction was lifted ...late 64/65?.

The Signal box was demolished in 66 and yard reorganised into the configuration it has slept in since - so logic would dictate 64/65 for the picture.

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A few jottings about New Ross from Irish Railfans News...

A new covered shed for the loading of cattle was under construction at New Ross in December 1962

A new siding opened at Stafford's Wharf beside the Albatross fertilizer factory in December 1964, costing £7250 !

New Ross signal cabin closed 18th April 1966, the branch from Waterford being worked on an "one engine in steam" basis.

The footbridge from New Ross was re-erected at Rosslare Strand in late 1967 ( the steps on the old footbridge at Rosslare Strand partially collapsed on 23rd July 1967 when being used by mystery train passengers !)

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The turntable and loco shed may have been removed at some stage after the New Ross-Waterford Extension was opened. 

No turntable is listed at New Ross in the  Waterford-Macmine Junction section of the 1960 CIE WTT.

I visited New Ross on an IRRS special in 1977 the second platform and at least two goods yard roads were still in place.

A section of the main line towards the Barrow Bridge was still in place as a shunting neck.

The station appears in its original form as the terminal of a branch from Macmine Junction in the  OSI 1888-1913 & Cassini on OSI Map viewer.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Turntable pit is still there it was covered over post the last trains in 1996 but was filled in years before that.

Edo, I've the records from 1960 to 1966, the gaa specials were in 1963 which were the last passenger trains over the Macmine junction line, passengers travelled on the line to Waterford up until the mid 1980's on gaa, river cruise, rpsi, day trips and knock specials.

I believe the changes to the track layout and demolition of the second platform took place in the late 1970's and remained the same till recently ie passing loop with a long headshunt at the bridge end. 

The first bridge on the macmine section was destroyed in the early 1990's which severed the headshunt out to the barrow bridge.

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