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Flat wagons

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For four wheel container flats Provincial Wagons have a nice looking kit. Before they were available I used the Dapol Prestwin underframe with some modofications adding styrene rectangular "plates" to the side frames, substituting Dart Castings 8 inch heavy duty buffers (#2350), and omitting the brake shoes to the end side of the wheels. The are really just approximations of the prototype but to my eyes the pass the two foot test. The floor of the kit has a raised moulding which is a pain to remove but the floor of the C line containers is easily removed allowing it to be mounted with a spot of glue. The photo shows one with a scratch built back to back flat.



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9 hours ago, joe123 said:

Thanks DJ, They would be perfect. The only problem would be the price. As I have 8 containers, so your talking about the bones of €400. For the wagons. Anyway thanks again.regards 

You can grab 8 wagons for a deal (last one too) https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/ie-spoil-wagons/products/cie-ir-42-flat-spoil-wagons-bundle

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4 hours ago, BosKonay said:

I was just gonna say that!

The bundles are great value, saving you 10% on all eight wagons.

For the quality, both aesthetically and physically, you're not going to find better ready to run flats for the 40ft containers.

Hattons have used Hornby 60ft flats every now and then, but they don't look very Irish.

47ft flats pop up on eBay every now and then, possibly IFM flats, for €50 or €60 each.

Shapeways offer 3D printed flats which you then smooth and paint yourself, then add bogies etc.

Somebody, possibly Robert, recently posted a thread of all of the different container flat kits that he built.

There may be some inspiration and advice there if you'd prefer to build some instead of buying ready to run.

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Yes, it WAS Robert
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On 9/11/2020 at 9:09 PM, joe123 said:

Hi lads, I have 20ft and 40ft containers 00 gauge. And I am looking for suitable flat wagons to accommodate same. Would anyone have any ideas what I could use? Thanks for your help regards.

OR, for your 20ft flats I'll sell my CIE 20ft container flat kit  (easiest kit in my range) - see 


send me a PM if you want more info.

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