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Irish Railway Models UK post Brexit

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I see that the IRM website now has a UK option post Brexit. Glad to see that IRM is making trading with us lads located in GB and NI as convenient as ever. 
The A class appear at the moment with sterling prices and I’m sure all stock will appear shortly. 

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You guys don't miss much :)

https://irishrailwaymodels.co.uk is online, for now just for preorders as we finalise logistics, but you can purchase in GBP, at 20% HMRC VAT with zero concerns about import/export/brexit or such. 

Once we nail down logistics over the coming days we'll grow out the in stock items and other lines.

Orders placed previously will be supplied no problems from the .ie / com website, again, VAT paid, and customers can choose if they prefer to shop on one side or the other as suits. 

We'll have more official news in the coming days as Brexit settles with carriers and we can plan in stock supply better, any questions let us know.

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I have an A class loco on order from IRM .ie so will that be posted from Ireland or England?

If it comes from Ireland to N.Ireland will I be paying duty or taxes?

And can it be delivered from England if that was the case?

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The A class I have preordered from the .com site, will these ship from Ireland? I am living in Ireland, so this would be preferable - no duty to worry about, which would be a nice bit on the price of the locos.

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Our goal Is that no one in the the UK or EU will pay any nasty customs or vat. Anyone that’s had a ballast or gypsum pack for example will have noted in came from our Dublin warehouse. Deliveries are also continuing from our UK warehouse and we are VAT/export/EORI/UTR registered in both

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Yep. Miles ahead of others in this business. Many are completely clueless about what they need to do to at least make the best out of a bad situation.

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