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  1. Railer

    End of the DFDS liners?

    Think there were clearance issues on the line with 9'6 high cube containers placed on standard LP or LX flats so they use the CPWs.
  2. Railer

    End of the DFDS liners?

    Wow, that escalated quickly. Looks like half the CPW fleet will be going back into storage along with the rest at Limerick. There's going to be a big loco surplus now with almost all the 071s finished overhaul and the 201s along with 225 making a come back this year.
  3. I believe the pre TOPS units are due end of this month. With the TOPS and pack L due September. All must be very busy at IRM towers.
  4. Just wanted to comment on the range of HUOs that's now built up under the Accurscale brand. While I'm not really into. UK outline anymore they look great. The black and gold box art typefont is simple but effective and really stands out. With D day incoming it will be interesting to see how well received they will be by the UK market and their feedback. Hopefully the production Taras will not be too far behind once the HUOs start shipping to their new owners.
  5. Railer

    IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    There was just the 5 of the 1970s design that IRM are doing with a few of the older type. Think one was still wearing the IR logo up to around 2003. The two that IRM are doing in the IE livery still exist stored at Northwall Yard.
  6. Railer

    4 ages - RTR diesel loco evolution

    Should throw in a MM 071 in ST livery seeing as they were DCC ready out of the box and built in speaker, the BGMs requiring mods.
  7. Railer

    End of the DFDS liners?

    It's kind of being going that way for a while. Almost never see a fully loaded CPW train. Will that mean the DFDS service moving back to Dublin Port competing with the IWT, can't see that happening myself. The way IE is going they may well disconnect Waterford Yard by lifting the line at Waterford station if the DFDS flow ends.
  8. Railer

    New Irish Railway Models Website

    The bogie fert section seems to be empty too... When is that going to be fixed.😉
  9. Railer

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Hi team, just looking at the new site. It lists the Plough Vans for July delivery now instead of August as first announced. Have these been moved up by any chance?
  10. Railer

    IRM CIE 20ft Container

    Always wondered when they were going start work on those 2 Mk3s they saved from Waterford. Probably just kept as a fallback option but if the MPV is not as "go anywhere" as you say then it may force their hand.
  11. Railer

    IRM CIE 20ft Container

    Weedspray coach too...................... To mark the last year of the train in action.
  12. Railer

    IRM CIE 20ft Container

    Weedspray Mk1 too. Its a must now. Then you have the tooling for GSVs too. Plus a maroon RPSI one.
  13. Nah, it's the yellow warning panel that's off.🤐
  14. 079 released to traffic yesterday. Went to Portarlington sidings to stable with spoil wagons already there.

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