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  1. Photoshop Project(s)

    NIR's 112 scrubs well doesn't she. It's one of the best photoshops I've ever seen. The 2015 Enterprise livery sits well on the 80 too, I think.
  2. Photoshop Project(s)

    My old favourites.
  3. Don't get me wrong guys, fantastic models. I ended up pre ordering 12 packs in total and now have few packs surplus to requirements. Reason for sale is to help fund a few orange bubbles. Selling 1x A, 1x B and 1x C pack. Selling for €90 each or all 3 packs together for €250. All 3 packs sold pending payment.
  4. MM 201 River Shannon

    Have a brand new never opened MM 201 River Shannon for sale. Box still in bubble wrap. €160 Note, pic is of my own running loco. Model for sale is wrapped in bubble wrap and tape, never opened or used.
  5. Irish Lima Set

    Irish Lima Set for sale. 219 and 2 Mk3s. €250 Box Code L105500X05. Everything is still inside but box is a little worn. All cutouts at back are fully intact.
  6. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    On the northern line between Northwall and Platin 20 plus was the norm. Shorter takes of about 12 used to go from Drogheda to Belfast or even attached to the rear of short liners at Dundalk to Belfast.
  7. Glenderg's Projects

    Just wow, no words do that work justice.
  8. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Love 25195 myself. It's my poster wagon I show off when someone asks to see them. Managed to get another Pack A from Marks today. I just knew you guys would sell out last night before I got paid. I like to keep a 1 boxed set and a running set of everything I have. My OCD with this hobby.
  9. IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Any chance of another run of Irish Cement bubbles, only manage to secure 1 pack for myself and don't have funds to get another before they sell out, (only 4 left). I know they sold out so quick only because they are the only packs that can be bought at this time and chances are there will be a few CIE packs hanging around for a bit as a result. Maybe people will start swapping IC for CIE packs as they were very rare IC bubbles in reality.
  10. Blue Cravens coaches

    The RPSI Mk2 set has been going around a few years now without the Dutch Van. The Mk2 brake/genny providing the power lately from what I can see, heance the shorter Mk2 rakes out on specials.
  11. Blue Cravens coaches

    It's great that the Cravens set sold so well and sales are supporting work on 134. At the same time I find it a pity that the RPSI Mk2s didn't sell as well. It was said they would do another set when they sold out but you can still get a set in Marks for €110.
  12. Blue Cravens coaches

    The RPSI sold out of them Sat Sunday and Monday at the Blackrock show. I went to buy a set on Sat and they said come back early Sunday morning they will have 16 sets in. I was there as it opened and they had only 2 left after I got mine. Tina Hand said they can't believe how fast they sold and they are all in shock. They said that run won't be repeated but they will have another set of 3 standards release for next year. I think there are only a handful left and they have to be bought from the RPSi through their Facebook page.
  13. Cement by Rail

    Thought there were 24 of them, assumed they ran in 2 rakes of 12.
  14. Cement by Rail

    I don't know when the bagged cement came in, there are the old and "new" blue curtain types of those wagons. There were/are also the 24 German built bogie bulks introduced around 1981/2. There were the very first air braked rolling stock to run in Ireland.
  15. Great news, thanks. Wasn't expecting the Tara's to be cheaper, was thinking 120 for a twin pack myself. Great work lads.

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