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  1. Railer


  2. Railer


    Your second picture, they area all blue under all that dust. Same as this Here's a gem I just found through Google.
  3. Railer


    They were basically always grey with dirt, dust. It's only in the past 10 years that the Tara wagons have got more regular maintenance, that they are now cleaner more often and they get repainted more regularly. Ever since all the cement and shale traffic stopped Limerick works have more time to give to the Taras and it shows.
  4. Railer

    Photographic Website Updates

    The first and last of the 2800 class side by side there. Units 1/2 and 19/20.
  5. Railer

    Fancy driving larger scale trains..?

    Same here. Only did stage 1 yesterday evening, was amazed to have a mail this morning at 5am for the stage 2 tests. I didn't expect to pass the first part.
  6. Railer

    A NICE TOUCH........

    Agreed thanks you fur the cards. But on the same note my other half got her card sent to her Parcel Motel address. Now granted it was most automated address list. It cost her 3.95 on the account and held up valuable limited space considering the time of year. Just something to note. But cheers lads and hats off to 2018 and bring on 2019.
  7. Railer

    Ballyercall (New Irish Layout

    112 looks right at home with those taras, it was no stranger to them either. I don't believe 111 or 113 aver got round to hauling them, even when 113 was on short term loan in the early 2000s along with 112 on long term loan.
  8. Railer


    They go to Limerick all the time for works. There is a small wagon works shed in Northwall for minor issues. Usually 1 wagon a week goes to Limerick for maintenance. They go as part of wagon transfer trains from Northwall along with any LP or LX flats that need work, usual;y stop off at Inchicore on the way there and back.
  9. Railer


    Don't think they ever went south of East Wall Junction except for recently when 8209 had to haul a failed empty Tara back to the Connolly wash road before propelling it back to Fairview and reversing down East Wall back to North Wall yard to dump 085.
  10. Railer

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Still need to swap 036 and 054 around. Both same just numbers.
  11. Railer

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Thanks, just that it stands out on the site next to 027 in the same livery cause 027 is all same shade while 056s brighter roof jumps out.
  12. Railer

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    No, not on 056. I know what the dayglows look like. 056 is in supertrain with IR and no dayglows. It has 2 different shades of orange in the artwork.
  13. Railer

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Also on the artwork, I think its 056. It has bright IR orange roof and CIE tan below the black band. Is this how it will be produced, very interesting detail if so. Think yous have 036 and 054 mixed up on the site artwork.
  14. Railer


    Bonus points for the BGM up front.
  15. Railer


    Expecting leaking oil pumps myself.

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