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    Sweeeeeeeeeeett!!!!!!! ☘️🇮🇪
  2. Once CIE took over the remnant of the GNR lines in the area in 1958, I always wondered why they didn't use Mullingar - Inny - Cavan - Clones - Monaghan as a single route, with maybe 2 or 3 through passenger trains a day. I think a GAA special did that once.
  3. They all arrived that way, Glenderg. Inchicore gradually painted them the correct colour by degrees. This would also have been before "SA" was added to any numbers. The medicinal compound injection will be very welcome, as commenting on liveries is extremely thirsty work..........! 🍺
  4. Yes, not sure Ernie. Ciaran Cooney is probably a good bet to help. The midland engine does indeed appear to be a J19, so we may assure that the picture is 90% likely to be in MGWR territory..
  5. Port Cumtha - P4 21mm

    I haven't posted anything here yet re a 21mm gauge line, as I've nothing to post, but it is my long term ambition to do a small, and simple short line based on the Dublin & Blessington - but it will have to wait a good few years until I have undertaken my fiscal responsibilities in a number of current areas!
  6. I can't log in to comment, but the two of the AEC railcar set, and the 4.6.0T "Bandon Tank" locomotive, were all taken in Bantry station.
  7. Old news post now, I know, but it just occurred to me: the 071s were delivered in an entirely non-standard (non-CIE!) browny colour, all being repainted fairly quickly. This was a one-off.
  8. Photographic Website Updates

    Sitting on the roof again, Neil?
  9. Luas Breakdown

    Yes, it's the planning process and long term vision that is the issue. Irish politicians (north and south) are a shower of self serving gombeen men, without the education, let alone the will, to plan anything sensibly; let alone again to do so with any sort of long term strategy in mind. The Port Tunnel and Ardnacrusha Dam are about the lot! We can all, politicians included, witter on interminably about preference for this, that or the other; rearranging tram lines, bus lanes, private car routes, electric car charging points, blah blah blah zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. However, a brain-dead dung beetle would be able to grasp a solitary important truth: the amount of land available for anything from bus lanes to tooth fairies is finite, and already heavily saturated. The only way to actually increase capacity to get people from A to B in a large and crowded city is to do what other cities do. Take Vienna. It is marginally larger than Dublin, but has a very much larger amount of traffic everywhere as it is a an important international crossroads. Traffic moves freely. Virtually every street in the city has trams, with a network of bewildering array, but more importantly, there are eight separate underground lines operating almost 24 hours a day with in some cases four or five minute frequencies. There's the clue: underground. Dublin's railways were constructed by commercial companies so the imperatives then, in planning them, were utterly different from now. Thus, where a railway route suits modern traffic, it's an accidental benefit rather than anything relating to deliberate good planning. Docklands to anywhere is crass. Connolly and Heuston operate to near capacity. Harcourt Street, even if still open, would be no good as a final terminus. Buses are saturated, so are the city centre trams. Closing the entire city centre to road traffic is not practical. Some years ago, Dublin Bus reorganised itself so that the quays were not clogged with bus termini - that was a good move. What's past is past, and good riddance; what's future MUST be underground railways. Yes, it'll cost a fortune, especially when billions are squandered on endless consultants and appeals. CPOs must be handed out all over the place where necessary once and for all, and I would say the northside needs probably three routes; one towards the Coolock / Baldoyle / Airport / Swords area - and that, with an extremely regular frequency. Another via a different route to the Broombridge LUAS somewhere in the general area of Finglas / Clonee, and perhaps curving back to Blanchardstown, interconnecting with one of a number of west-side routes to serve Ashtown / Blanch / Castleknock / Clonsilla / Clondalkin - maybe even to Lucan. Other underground routes need to serve Donnybrook / Rathmines / Ranelagh / Rathgar / Terenure / Rathfarnham / Kiltipper / Knocklyon / Tallaght areas. The LUAS and DART should suffice for south east Dublin. By my estimation, you're looking at maybe an absolute minimum of five routes there, possibly six or seven. There would need to be a central underground station, maybe under St Stephen's Green, but with connections to Heuston, Connolly and Pearse stations, Busaras and the airport. Another thing that could be done is to get rid of Dublin port, sell off all that land, and shift the entire port operations to somewhere like Mornington outside Drogheda. No, I know, there's not a snowball's chance in hell of this happening. But otherwise, we will all end up in forty years time going round and round and round and round and round in the same discussion....
  10. Luas Breakdown

    Couldn't agree more. We can mess about with traffic lanes and bus lanes until the surface is covered with white lines, in and out of tram tracks, but the amount of land on the surface will remain the same while the population and economy improve. Sooner or later, it HAS to go underground. There's no more room on the surface for anything, so trying to "revolutionise", "improve", alter or rearrange private and / or public transport becomes progressively more expensive and less effective. It's like trying to rearrange dirt on something instead of cleaning it.
  11. Dutch Van

    That is nothing short of OUTSTANDING!! Superb work!
  12. Models demand

    Noel, you're a man of great wisdom, foresight, and intellectual articulacy! Agreed on all counts........ don't forget the 201s and Mk 3s, but don't tell anyone here I said it.
  13. Silver Fox A class x 2 €150 Each DCC on board.

    That weathering job on them is very nice - good luck to new owner.
  14. Models demand

    Best description I've seen for an ICR ever! Mind you, this oul philistine JHB would apply the term equally to De Dietrichs, Mk 4s, 26, 27 28 and 29-class railcars....! (I won't cause fits of stone-throwing by mentioning anything built after 1967...................!)

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