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071 Supertrain pictures

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Quite possibly, the MIR 80 kits built up could go with them too. Maybe PM could commission some Bachmann Mark IIs ala the IR/IE ones too. I wouldn't be an expert in NIR rolling stock though, would they be similar to the BR Mark IIs?


The NIR coaches that ran with the GM111s to form the NIR Enterprise service in 1981 were standard British Rail MK II coaches of types A,B and C.Repainting Lima coaches,picked up cheap on ebay,is the cheapest way to do a rake.MIR used to do sides to do the buffet and generator coaches which may still be available somewhere,but the buffet can be done by blanking out some windows and the generator coach with a bit of alteration also and suitable grilles,from a supplier like Howes would create this coach.HTH

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He is looking to produce his own but would not say which manufacturer he would be using until he has the deal finalised

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112 is on display in the Model Shop Belfast for those who want a close up look. An absolute beauty of a model


Yes, I saw the pic on FB earlier. It does look good! :tumbsup:

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