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New Announcement - Y33 Wagon Bogie Packs Now In Stock!

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After many, many requests from modellers across the land, we have produced packs of our Y33 Sambre et Meuse bogies in separate packs!

Perfect to aid running of your old kit built or converted stock, these are the only prototypically accurate Irish wagon bogie available in ready to run form and will allow for reliable running for your kit built wagons, or a load for a flat wagon or lorry as seen regularly on the roads between depots for maintenance!

With the bogies now featuring brass bearings, they will provide a nice solution to getting your kit built wagons running reliably.


They also feature rotating axle caps, easy conversion to 21mm, separate detail parts such as brake actuators and metal wheelsets.

Priced at just €14.94 per four pack of bogies, they're available in black, brown and red oxide, and are in stock and ready to dispatch.

Place your order here. 

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Outstanding news!

I can see a lot of Christmas stockings being filled with those...

Unless you have some buses or trucks to announce this side of Christmas!

Did the Ammonias run on black Y33's?

Would the red or brown work for people who bought Spoil wagons to de-spoil for their C-Rail containers, but want something pre-black bogie era?

I'm sure that @jhb171achill posted somewhere that black bogies on the flats are only around since the early 2010's.

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23 minutes ago, DJ Dangerous said:


I'm sure that @jhb171achill posted somewhere that black bogies on the flats are only around since the early 2010's.

Correct, DJ. Completely brown from the very start of bogie wagons, except Taras (blue, like body), Ammonias (dark green like lower body) and shale in original duck-egg blue livery - black bogies.

The brown with little black fiddly bits in them is recent; the black with little blue, green or yellow fiddly bits is even more recent.

Fertilisers, for example, all brown. Current timber wagons, multicoloured.

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Hi , First packs came a few days ago, stout box and well packed. Good to know you have plenty as these are the obvious basis for many wagons. Hopefully the smaller suppliers can get a trade offer so they can be enclosed in future kits - I guess it might need work to alter current designs to take the design of retainer over the good old 10 ba bolt.




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