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Silverfox models

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On 12/4/2022 at 8:22 PM, connollystn said:

@Westcorkrailway - What exactly is on your wishlist?

~They are the only suppliers to do RTR Tim vans. The only alternative being kits or +€100 RTR so obviously out of reach

~I don’t think IRM would produce a loco like the G class. Only 3 1/2 liveries to work from and generally don’t get the attention the bigger yolks do.

~I may pick up an intermediate coach for my railcar set which arived the same week as the A class


 very important to note that silverfox are very willing to fix any issues you have with the livery. They effectively scratch build a loco for you instead of offering a few locos in select liveries and running numbers 


indeed I just send them a photo of the loco I want and they copy the photo. Below are the examples I’ve done 



indeed to this day I’ve only completed half a kit….and I can’t buy the rest of the kit!

we as a community cannot accept that IRM will produce every Little gap on peoples layouts. I’ll happily buy from all of our smaller maufacturers covering the smaller aspect (such as 00 works making such an obscure tank engine I’m not sure even kit manufacuturer wouldn’t dare touch! 

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2 hours ago, minister_for_hardship said:

I never said it was, one way or the other. It was simply all that was available to many for a long time. Half a loaf is better than no bread.

Yip it fulfilled a demand for nearly 18 years and was quite adequate for its time. But things keep moving on, standards ever rise, expectations even higher. I'm not selling mine as they are part of Irish model train history.

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On 24/4/2022 at 9:47 AM, connollystn said:

You'd hardly call the SF A a work of wizardry! Anyway, that's all history now, we should be looking forward to I.R.M. announcing fantastic new models. I have my credit card on standby.


You almost make it sound as if you have a personal grudge against the Silver Fox guys.

They are pretty cool to deal with, as others have said before. Their A Class doesn't hold a candle to the IRM offering, that goes without saying.


You want a C Class, even in NIR livery? No problem.








You want Mk3 coaching stock and EGV's? No problem.





You want a weedspray van to go with IRM's weedspray train? No problem.










Not my weathering, by the way, that was done by the very talented @Noel.

But the point is that even today, they are the only show for many RTR Irish items.

You've said that you're not a purist, that you'll have a silver A Class hauling Mk3 stock, so what's the problem with Silver Fox?

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On 11/4/2022 at 5:44 PM, connollystn said:

Can't think why anyone bought them in the first place, were Irish modellers that desperate, REALLY?

Because there was simply nothing else available. People really do have short memories, Silverfox were'nt the most accurate models but don't forget Paddy Murphy started out selling repainted RTR and his early Lima 201 was'nt lauded for it's accuracy either.


Apologies to the mods for going a little off topic but the constant bashing is getting old...

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Really? See below.

On 11/4/2022 at 5:44 PM, connollystn said:

Can't think why anyone bought them in the first place, were Irish modellers that desperate, REALLY?

Snide remark towards both Silverfox and the modellers who were "desperate" enough to buy their products.

A statement of fact would be something like -"Silverfox who produced a models and kits of Irish stock which, while not being prototypically correct, were welcomed by many modellers in the absence of a RTR models from major manufacturers."

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nothing wrong with the silverfox stuff per se if thats what your into.


same as we recently had this debate on wether another gm with old tooling would sell or not.


I still give the argument of so what if the thing isnt quite 100% up to modern par and standards. if thats what is available people will buy it and hopefully the manufacturers will be able to be a little more competitive due to not having to R&D a completely fresh product. at least models of this stock actually exist rather then infinite what ifs and a very large percentage of irish diesel stock has been modelled at this point in one form or another.


in fairness us irish modellers are SPOILED with the stock that is available to us. in production or not. Look at the shite a lot of british or continental modellers have to put up with with the same tooling issued for years and years amid rising prices.


imagine buying this yoke in 2022 - lima era tooling and a big fat detail stealing and easily pierced sticker for an excuse of a paint job.

Imagine if PM did that with the enterprise livery 201 and put it out for 100 euros..... 

youd have some younger modellers absolutely delighted to be able to get into things more affordably but the rivet counters would be soiling themselves in disgust. if that younger market isnt grown out then isnt there going to be a hell of a lot less people interested in model trains some 20 years from now when all that is running around is DMU's and a lot of the youth wont have ever actually seen anything locomotive hauled in the flesh.......


When i was about 10 the GM era was ending and i had never seen a 201 class with where i lived, i have seen them maybe 4-5 times ever in the flesh as I live in DMU land and would have to go out of my way to see one now. most kids getting into things now would the same unless they specifically lived near one of the few remaining freight corridors or on the dublin-cork route. all they will see is DMU's and it might not spark the same excitement as with past generations of enthusiasts.

now im not saying id buy silverfox given the market thats there right now, however more than a few times i have considered there shunters and coaching stock.


since kit building would have been way out of the realms of what i was capable of as a teen and MM stuff didnt really exist I did actually aspire to build a fleet of these class 66's. looks like i didnt miss much as the exact same ones are still available now......



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In relation to age, I think that the demand for loco hauled models won’t completely evaporate. But it will significantly lower as the years go on. I go out of my way often to go on loco hauled trains on the cork-Dublin line as much as possible, even though the windows in the mk 4 sets give me a headache! 

kit building is still kinda out of reach for me. I have started a bandon tank but can’t finish it, and the finesse on that model isint up to standerd with anything I have already. 

when I got into Irish modelling years ago. I started with C212. Which you can order at any time you want, no searching fleabay for pre owned overpriced stuff. 

at the time it was a huge suprise that anything that ran on the West Cork railway was RTR as by that stage, I was only aware of murphy’s products. 

part of me wishes that silverfox A class locos were consistently 2 or 3 on eBay going for less then €100. Same with the Lima 201s and the MIR kits because they would be respectively great ways to get into this hobby without having a 2nd morgage!

coaching stock is a little to expensive for my taste when it comes to silverfox, even back then. However I wouldn’t mind getting a tin van off them as I said earlier


another member of the budget RTR family is milipeade on adverts who does very good Irish cement pallet wagons and bulleid open wagons. Also doing a few coach ranges for 30-50 euros 


in conclusion, knock them all you want. But the demand is clearly there for silverfox or milipeade to make these more barebones models RTR even in 2022

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On 1/5/2022 at 5:10 AM, Sean said:

here we go again from hornby


1995 locomotive, 2022 prices. and not even into their budget range.

People must be buying them if they are still making them.......... This goes with the 66 too. Hornby are still the defacto model railway brand for many

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