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Bachmann silver series coaches

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some years ago, Bachmann edited green coaches with flying snail in his silver series. Could anyone tell me whether they are prototypical?


Thanks in advance,




No Gerhard is the simple answer. They are repaints of British Rail coaches. It's your layout at the end of the day and if you can live with the fact that they aren't prototypical Irish coaches then it's a win situation.





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Originally Paddy Murphy had them produced to run with the N Class's

Originally came in the Bachmann Branchline blue box

Bachmann US then produced the "Irish Railway" OO/HO Set #00651

The Silver Series coaches were brought later to compliment this set

2 Coaches only

74700 CIE 3rd #1337

74701 CIE Brake End #1088

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For OO gauge the Bachmann coaches would be reasonably close in general outline to late GSWR early GSR stock.


The main challenge in modelling CIE in the steam period is capturing the sheer variety of coaching stock the DSER, GSWR and MGWR each had their own distinctive styling, the GSWR was a bit like the LNWR and went through a number of distinctive phases with its main line bogie stock, well worth a visit to Downpatrick or at the RPSI preserved State Coach.

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In a strange twist, those coaches would be much closer to some of the former Whitehead based RPSI "wooden set" - as coaches of this design were used by the NCC, and survived into UTA / NIR / RPSI ownership. CIE green, flying snails, etc - no! If Bachmann wanted to recreate something of early CIE era, they would have been better off using LMS steel-sided types and passing them off as Bredins, either in green or black'n'tan; therein, actually, lies a tip for modellers!


The "eau-de-nil" bands never had a white lining, but they DID have gold lining. If you are ever in Clifden, Co Galway, traces of this can be seen on the old MGWR 6-wheeler behind the Station House Hotel (in which I have imbibulated many a selection of finely poured Guinnii!)


At Downpatrick, a variation of the darker green livery may be seen on brake standard 3223. The green is totally authentic early CIE brunswick green. The lining is of the later variety. This livery variation was more often seen on AEC railcars than anything else, and the CIE TPO there has the correct version of the post-1955 lighter green, with pale green lining without gold trim, which was dropped about 1954. The RPSI Dublin Heritage Set also has the authentic later green, while the correct shades of the older dark green sem to be evident on crew coach 813 (GSWR origin) inside Mullingar shed, though this would only be accessible to authorised RPSI folk.


Hope this helps.

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