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Thanks for the comments lads. Yes I'm well pleased. Spent a lot of time looking at photos and watching her in action on YouTube.

irishthump, Pic No.9 has the headlights on. I didn't bother with the marker lights, maybe sometime in the future.



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Guest hidden-agenda
I have an old body for an A class made by a crowd called "Q" kits about 35 years ago. If anyone here wants it they can have it for the postage. I may have one of their C class ones too, if I can find it - I never made up either of them. They are made from some sort of resin.


PM sent.

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Gents - it found a home very quickly, as will have the "C" if I can find it...! Thanks to those who replied for your interest.


Ahh well,looks like I have missed out on the q kits C class.I had put in a request for one of these in the wanted pages back in November if anyone had one,pity you had'nt seen it then! The quest goes on!

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Sorry, Hunslet, I have to confess that's a page I wouldn't have looked at all that often as i wouldn't really have much that anyone would want these days... I did have a "black'n'tan" era layout of sorts at one time, but I gave away virtually everything on it to my nephew or a colleague in Dublin... years ago! If I ever get a spare 5 minutes I'll start putting together a lot of Austrian 009 narrow gauge stuff I have - I was always interested in OBB n-g after travelling on a lot of those liones, many now sadly gone, in the 70s.

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