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St. Gilles Croix de Vie - Small Seaside Terminus on the French Atlantic Coast

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It would certainly be a very pretty exhibition layout.


A couple of platform faces, a semi disused industrial yard behind, road crossing alongside the sea, and amazingly rusty rails on very very worn ancient looking sleepers :)


That and only the odd regional multiple unit visiting :)

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Wow - just lovely :)


Have to say the jouef models look stunning - die cast chassis, interior lighting, etc - not to mention insanely pretty :)


LS Models are producing AGC sets that are breathtaking, too...




...Should be available in Pays de la Loire TER livery. ;)

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I think that rust can look darker in colour where salt air abounds; look at the ruin round loop in Portrush, or bits of rail in fences in the west... That French place looks very much like a Continental Portrush - and maybe inspiration to a modeller of a fictitious modern day Tramore line? Self contained systems are always interesting to model, n'est ce pas?

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