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Sweets when we were kids

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I was listening to a show on the radio this morning and the presenters were talking about their favorite sweets from when they were kids. They were trying to describe fizzle sticks and how they weren't available any more. Now I was very partial to a fizzle stick myself when I was going to school.


Anyone else got any particular favorites of their own from their youth that aren't available any more.



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48 bars for £31 - http://www.aquarterof.co.uk/frys-orange-cream-p-145.html - if you've been a good boy....


I went down that route before, the postage was very painful...


I found a small shop in O'Connell street about a year ago selling them. The guy behind the counter looked bemused when I bought the whole lot he had for me, my g/f and my brother. He never got them back in and went out of business soon after.


I have a pass for a cash and carry too but they never have them.

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My own favourite was Sherbofiz

Cost was 3d, never bought one in new money

It came with a liquorice straw that you could suck the sherbert (sounds rough!) through

The fizz was created by forming carbon dioxide on your tougue, would bring tears to your eyes

Some bloke in a yellow hat and high viz vest probably took iy off the market?

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