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Weed sprayer schedule

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Hopefully it is our else the line will end up like this scene......just a memory.


Yes it's important the line is maintained as nature does

reclaim very quickly.I love that photo of 209 at Abbeydorney

taken in 1983 I think?.There is a nice photo of 172 at the crossing

gates in Lixnaw Co Kerry on the weed sprayer in May 1984 in

IRRS journal.It was the last movement over the line and the

train stabled there at the gates while the crew went to the

Nearby railway bar for Refreshment!.

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It was said on boards.ie a few minutes ago that 084 is working the weedsprayer Dublin-Waterford-Rosslare-Gorey on Wednesday and onto Dublin on Thursday. And I'm going to miss it!:((


That was me, another poster said it was a black and tan 071 number unknown. It could only be 084.

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That was 084's last job for the time being. It is now in Inchicore for it's big overhaul. The days of the last loco in IE orange in service is over. I got some photos of it last summer when it spent a while on the taras thinking that it's days were numbered. Little did I know there was another year left in her.

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Heard a rumour weed sprayer is working Waterford to Rosslare and back tomorrow first thing in the morning.

i did hear the same rumour about the weedsprayer on the Rosslare line later today. I think its 077 definetly a grey one though.


Looks like its 071:doh:, think i should have looked at wanderers page before commenting. She sounded sweet while i was stopped at a checkpoint across the river from her.

Any idea on times?

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