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JIM Poots KD

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I bought this model of a KD from Jim Poots at last years SDMRC show in Blackrock. I been just doing a little bit of work to it in between other jobs and I finally got her finished. I did her as one of the buses I used to drive out of Ringsend on the number 15 route. Enjoy










































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That looks fab! I like the adverts on it... especially the old 98fm one on the back. Just need another one with a Rock 104 ad now! :)


I would love to do one of the Dublin Buses that had an all over wrap I can't remember of the top

of my head it was an RH and it had the all over wrap of either 98fm or fm104.


It was mainly black with a huge red guitar on the side. That was my favourite.

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Guest hidden-agenda

God all mighty Anthony are you proposing to paint one in the 98fm livery.Mind you it would look the dogs with your other buses in that livery bud.

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Anthony as far as I know that 98fm RH was not an AOA. The ad was only on the offside and rear. The front and nearside of the bus still had the two tone Dubin Bus livery.


I'm pretty sure you're correct, it's how I remember them anyway. It used to bother me as a youngster that it wasn't a full AOA, but then I was quite a sad child!

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