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Amiens Street Terminus

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Ok, here we go!!


Boards arrived this morning for the terminus / yards and the fiddle loop incline.


Decided to start a thread here to keep me under pressure


So here is the latest / current plan. I’m pretty much happy with the terminus and yards, pending seeing some track actually down… the curves will likely widen out to 3′ radius where I can…. For now I am building the top section of the plan and will very gradually work my way into a loop over time. I reckon the track and wiring complexity of the terminus and yards alone will keep me busy for 2012!




And here we have the current ‘view’ of the layout – some nice Ply and strips of 2×1 and 2×2



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Construction will be softwood frame, 9mm ply boards, with the loop boards set 4″ lower than the terminus board and using Woodland Scenics 2% inclines to close the gap. I’m also planning to use Woodlands track underlay rolls, strips and sheets.





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Cables for the layout DCC Bus and Droppers


Multicore security cable,2x18awg,PVC152m (the grey cable) – will be used for droppers and connecting accessory decoders to motors, etc.

Eco wire 12awg 65/30 red 600V (and black) – will be the main and accessory bus wires(from Radionics)

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A small tweak on the terminus – after seeing the track in place, and getting some sound advice, the platforms were simply going to be far too narrow, relative to their length, so the terminus has been ‘rationalised’ a little to allow for two main platforms to reach 3″ wide.


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The track on boards 1 and 2 is now cut and laid and held in place with tacks.

The plan now is to install a Peco Inspection pit under the running shed, and start soldering droppers to the rail undersides on every single piece of track.

I will then work on the points, removing the springs and perhaps replacing some of the more visible points sleepers with copperclad. More on that soon – here is the latest view:









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Here is a step-by-step guide for installing an inspection pit under the running shed.

First, the pit is glued together as per peco instructions, and then measured up in place. The Woodland Scenics foam is cut away with a blade and the four corners drilled out with an 8mm wood bit to make room for the jigsaw.


Next, cut the slot with the jigsaw (observing safety icon_smile.gif )


Once done, pop the pit in an ensure a good fit. You might need to trim or file a bit here.


Next, remove the web from the back of the track for this section, just cut the web and you can pop the ties off the track for this length, and then slide the remaining web/ties off the track – you’ll need to keep it to re-thread onto the rails in a bit.


Now, carefully thread the rail onto the pit, feeding it all the way through, and then thread the rail back on to the end piece of tie / web.


And it’s done icon_smile.gif Doing it this way also means you maintain good electrical connectivity throughout, leading to less stressful running later on icon_smile.gif




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Having gotten a feel for how long jobs are likely to take now, I thought I would set out the roadmap of what I hope to cover / achieve in the next 6-8 weeks.

- Complete the Main power bus for the Terminus District

- Installation of a DPDT (Double Pole, Double throw) Switch and Programming Track connector, which will isolate the front siding of the running shed sidings and allow me to switch between running track and programming track (so I can drive a loco onto the track, switch, and programme / work on it, then switch back and drive it out )

- Installation of 14 Cobalt slow action motors, controlled by Cobalt Motor decoders on a dedicated Accessory Bus (again zoned into a district for the terminus) and correctly power routing all the frogs (the double and single slips will probably warrant entire posts on their own!)

- Installation of Lighting around the running shed. I have some surface mount LED strips which I plan to use to light the Peco pit, and the shed itself, as well as adding a small tower light out front of the shed.

- Installation of Peco concrete platform edging, clearance tests (again) and platform creation.

- Concrete hard-standing at running shed.

Once the above is complete, and assuming I can resist playing trains at that point too much, the plan is to lay the mainline on these boards and commence the mainline ‘district’ power bus, before moving to starting on boards 3 and 4, which are home to the carriage sidings, ballast bank, freight terminal and motive depot.

Longer term plans include Signalling, Occupancy detection and computer control / automation of routes… watch this space!

Any questions, please comment!

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It’ aliiive!





It might not look much, but those lit LED’s are very exciting icon_smile.gif

Here are two videos I took to prove it’s now actually live! icon_smile.gif

8208 Takes a spin…



And Veissmann’s new P&T Tamper tries to tamp imaginary ballast icon_smile.gif

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To get a little break from wiring, finding shorts and to also try and resist the temptation to ‘play trains’ on the terminus section, I decided to ‘mock up’ the track on boards 3 and 4.

On this side (from rear to front) there will be three Coach sidings / train storage, a 2 road ballast bank / per way storage siding, a three road freight terminus as well as a small depot.






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With a little help from some Thomas engines and two little engineers icon_smile.gif


Probably too much clutter above….


Carriage sidings…


The centre three roads are the freight sidings….


Looking back into the depot (the two lines on the right are the mainline)


Behind the depot, a small row of Georgian terraces and a derelict factory icon_smile.gif


Peco depot shed anyone?


Looking across the freight sidings towards the carriage sheds..



Slightly aerial view icon_smile.gif


Ignore the rolling stock icon_smile.gif


The reason for a TGV, Gordon, James and Virgin mk3′s sharing the layout icon_smile.gif

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[h=1]Adjustment to the yards[/h] April 2, 2012 | Layout Build


After seeing everything down, the yard area of the terminus is being tweaked slightly.

The Ballast area has been lengthened to 4.5 feet with two small sidings for tampers / per way equipment to stable. The long siding can then be used for ballast hoppers / autoballasters to be filled by digger.

The depot has also been ‘rationalised’ with a simplified track plan, single road running shed and washplant added anda depot crane added to the bottom siding.

The changes mean a ‘proper’ looking 12-15cm gap between the depot lines and the mainline at bottom…

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After a wee break over easter, work has resumed on Amiens Street.


Underlay has now been laid for the carriage sidings and per-way / ballast area






And on the other side of the attic, the ‘kids’ layout has been removed :) It served well for the last 5 years :)








The space is now nice and clear so i can relocate 40 or so big 85l boxes full of stock to here, and make room for the right hand loop on the track plan!

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I'm following the progress of this layout with interest and to learn from it's development.


It's certainly very good reference material for anyone beginning in the hobby and wanting to build their first layout. Some people are terrified of the wood working and electrical aspects of building a layout and Stephen is posting photos and updates regularly as well as giving pointers, that beginners can actually follow and put into practice. You can watch, admire, and learn at the same time.



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Stephen-was wondering why there was a lack of an update on your layout progress,you have been busy in other fields!


Just happened to stumble into this new website,created by yourself,did not realise the old site was in decline.


Look forward to more updates on your layout progress.

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