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AEC Railcars

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Contemplated this back in the 1990s but I don't think there's a lot to be gained. The bogies aren't the same I believe and a set of valances isn't a big help (easy to reproduce in plasticard and not needed at all for some periods). Might as well choose any other DMU chassis, especially if the length is about right. I ended up making bodyshells from thicker plasticard bulkheads and thinner plasticard sides, epoxied to MJT aluminium roofs, with a Tri-ang motor bogie for the UTA set and a Black Beetle for the GNR(I) one. These days there are obviously other options for the power train.


GNRI AEC set.jpg

UTA AEC set.jpg

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The Silverfox one....


The GNR version is entirely the wrong colour too, and the numerals and crests are also out of proportion and the wrong font.... A little research would have helped, whether it was an accurate model or an approximation.


And at £215 for the pleasure of a 3 car set,the mind boggles.

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Ah, found the photos on the Mac, so here they are -


Diesel depot.jpg


This shows the AEC set with the two end cars of the BUT 9which is four cars, the intermediates being an open and a restaurant car.


Diesel front ends 2.jpg


And "Full Frontal"!!!!!


AEC whole set.jpg


The full AEC set.


The bad news is that the AEC has never turned a wheel, but has languished in the showcase, as the layout never got started!


However, the BUT set has lapped David White's "Old Blarney a few times at Perth two years ago.


Finally, a Class G1 panelled mahogany coach - 33lima got the mahogany quite brilliantly, I thought?


Coach Class G1.jpg


Hope you like them - I certainly do!



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Thanks for posting Leslie, I hadn't taken any pics of the BUT set or the GN coaches before despatching them (in fact I had forgotten all about making the BUT set) so this is the first time I've seen them, since...when was it, about 1997? Would love to see pics of the other coaches too, how many were there, three or four, can't recall now, one was a kitchen car I think. There must be about two miles of plasticard strip in that lot!


Still have your brass K15 unbuilt, give me a shout next time you're 'in country' and I'll drop it off!

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Seamus, I agree with you that the Oxford blue and cream looks just great - you even saw it behind steam, when the trailers were "mis-used". I told Ivor that I would run the intermediate cars behind steam and suggested he do me some flush-sided mahogany ones - which, bless him, he did - the panelled ones came later!


Ivor, you did TWELVE in all - the catering vehicles were the restaurant car in the BUT set and the tea car in mahogany.


I'll find more photos of the coaches (and put them in the correct thread!) - but I must get to church! Another problem with getting old is that you realise you have a lot more sins to ask forgiveness for! Like not running Ivor's stock a lot more! Never was Plasticard better or more skillfully used!



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