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Is the power track your using a orange coloured one?, Hornby have a DDC power track specially for DCC.


If it is the Orange coloured Power track socket, then you can take off the cover and remove the Supression Capaictor in that or change it for a DCC power track which is: R8241


Also it could be the Back EMF is set wrong. Had this problem on a few baccy chips recently.


Hope that helps but try the power track solution 1st.





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Great hint Eamonn, I did not know that they affected performance

(Just as I went to post this comment my spell check had Eamonn underlined, when I right clicked it gave me the option of changing it to Moonbeam! The spell checker must know you, man!)

That's Gas alright.I have seen this problem before with the

Capacitors,but perhaps it might be only certain types of

chassis that this affects,however I always remove them

from the likes of the deltic chassis.

As regards the 141,the select as far as I know is very basic

for DCC,but a good wheel clean could help and have you tryed

a different decoder?.

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