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Peco Smartswitch

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I dont think its a better option than the Cobalt, the Cobalt is more powerful and just as versatile. The big advantage for Cobalt is fitting time, I'm currently installing a large layout for a customer with 34 point motors. The Peco system would take a long time to install and setup were the Cobalt point motors were fitted and wired in a matter of hours. For me the Cobalt is a no brainer! Plus it has a lifetime warranty and I have the agency for them so I'm a bit biased :P

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Have you used the Cobalt "levers" which look just like a signal cabin lever. I had thought of fitting up a complete cabin of them for Richhill, tp give the grandson something else to amuse him (other than the sound locos!).


I'd be interested to know WHY you say that the Cobalt motors are easier to instal.


Mind you, anything MUST be easier than installing normal Peco under the board - fortunately, my younger son earned his right to stay living at home by fitting them for me!!!!


The new PECO kit DOES look good and while it's dear, I note that it includes the switches to control the motors - which I calculated saved about a fiver a point over Tortoise/Cobalt etc, much more if you're using Cobalts levers as well!.


The proof of the pudding (pointing?) is in the eating, so when someone has tried them, will they give us a critique, please?



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Fantastic bit of kit, Thought out well too, I Like the ideas of the servos too as they are much kinder to the point and great possibilities with signals. Can see one of these being purchased in the future. Seems fairly Straight forward to work out how to do it also!! Thanks for throwing this up.



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