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MkIII Push-Pull

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Construction of the MkIII push-pull fleet began in 1988. To promote the forthcoming introduction of these trains the IÉ float in the Dublin St Patrick’s Day parade that year featured a mock-up of the cab end of a 6100 class control car.


The display was mounted on a trailer hauled by Bedford tractor unit BTM 61 (797 WZE). Someone here will probably have a better details of this type of tractor/trailer unit.

880317 - Push-Pull 001 - St Patricks Day Parade 1988.jpg


The display itself consisted of three parts. At the front end of the trailer there was a representation of a station awning under which were an advert for ‘Take a Rail Holiday in 88’ and the front end of a DART unit.

880317 - Push-Pull 002 - St Patricks Day Parade 1988.jpg


In the centre of the trailer, was the mock-up of the MkIII control car cab, which was depicted emerging from a tunnel/bridge. The ‘vehicle’ was shown in a new colour scheme which was being considered at that time for the MkIII push-pull fleet. The orange and green colours were intended to emphasise the outer suburban services' position between main line and DART.

880317 - Push-Pull 003 - St Patricks Day Parade 1988.jpg


Finally, at the rear of the trailer there was a large schematic diagram indicating that the new trains were to be used on the Arklow - Dublin - Dundalk corridor. AFIK they never did operate to Arklow as commuter trains, at least not on a regular basis. There are also a couple of misspellings on the diagram - Rush Lusk should be Rush & Lusk, while Gormanston is shown as Gormanstown.

880317 - Push-Pull 004 - St Patricks Day Parade 1988.jpg

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I'd be morto if I were one of the unfortunates plonked on that float although they seem to be enjoying themselves.


Reminds me of the steam loco float used in Tralee, used to promote the Rose of Tralee and the Blennerville Railway. Think they also used it for Killarney 150th.

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