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CMX Track Cleaning Car - Does it work?

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It's probably the best track cleaner out there, all brass construction very heavy. Comes with Kadee and MEM couplings if bought in the UK.


Thanks guys. Its expensive but seems worth it.


Q - What solvent to you normally use?


i.e to avoid damage to plastics, especially peco flexitrack. (white spirits, acetone, etc). Acentone is not plastic friendly.

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Just some feedback and thanks to those who gave me advice. Received delivery of an HO gauge CMX track clean over the Christmas break, but didn't get a chance to try it until a few evenings ago. It came only with Kadee couplings. Ran it behind an MM 141 and found it very effective. It is understandably very heavy and nearly stopped the loco over some point work due additional friction. Next time I will run it double headed with a pair of 141s . I used it with methylated spirits, but next time might try acetone. Before next use with acetone, will pre-test the fluid against spare underlay and track just it cause it causes any kind of chemical reaction or damage. I ran it slowly twice around each loop, and then another four loops at medium speeds. One or two points not cleaned for 10 years needed a few direct wipes with cotton buds soaked in solution. Other than that it is a heck of a lot easier and quicker than my old methods using cloth blocks by hand.


Any further words of advise or wisdom would be welcome.

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I've never heard of anybody having any issues, but I do wonder about flammable solvents and the possibility of the odd spark..?


:) Well next time I clean track I'll wear a hi vis jacket, helmet and have a fire extinguisher to hand. :) (just kidding). The corduroy cloth is just damp with cleaning fluids such as methylated spirits, acetone, etc, which while flammable are a bit like paraffin and diesel, difficult to ignite. The CMX itself is all metal construction. But you raise an interesting point, and one I had never considered before. I guess if folk allowed excessive cleaning agent to leak onto the track/sleepers and/or underlay/ballast the risk would be greater, but used properly only the rails get a wipe of the cleaning fluid, and should never come into contact with the sleepers or ballast.


So far I am reasonably impressed with it's cleaning ability. A simple idea well implemented and despite the excessive price I think it is worth it. Think of all the track work of some layouts that is not easy to access for hand cleaning like under baseboards, under scenery, etc, with this thing you just drive it around out of sight.

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