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Murphy Models NIR 111

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Dhu Varren

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Finally took the bull by the horns and produced an NIR 111 Class No 111 in the dark blue livery.


The model is a MM 8113 which has had the cabs resprayed to reduce the size of the yellow panels on the ends. 8113 was the only one of the three locos to have the large yellow panels. The paint used was out of the tin Revell 52, which matched the original MM colour to a tee. Railtec numbers were applied, but the Great Northern nameplate supplied on the Railtec sheet was just slightly too short to cover the original, so a new, slightly longer plate had to be made up.


The coach is Brake Generator Executive 913 still to be numbered. The 'bumble bee' stripes were produced on a PC and printed on a laser printer, on to white transfer paper, and then carefully cut out using a new craft knife blade. A much cheaper option than purchasing.



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Great Work! The finish of 913 also looks superb. Is it an MIR-Kit or did you converted it completely from scratch?


Thanks to all for the comments. 913 is a scratch conversion from a Lima Mk2b Brake 1st. It is one of a batch of NIR coaches currently being finished off, and is just waiting to be numbered. There is also a lack of information regarding what the Executive interior looked like, so I am just going to have to make a guess, and update it later if anything materialises.

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David, this is a fantastic pairing but I did not realize how well until I took out MM0112 and the Lima NIR coach pack and coupled them up tonight. The difference in the color is remarkable and I just fell out of love with the train as each in their own right are beautiful but the color difference is pretty profound. The Limas really are a very turquoise color by comparison with the MM blue 111 class loco, so, unless there is a '40 shades of blue' discussion about to evolve on this thread, these really are the biz=D

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I matched the Revell 52 paint with the real thing some 25 years ago, but I have always been a little bit concerned that maybe it was not quite right. However, once the MM locomotives appeared and matched the Revell 52 perfectly, I was over the moon. Even in the unlikely event of the MM colour not being exactly correct, at least my coaches do match them.

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