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Mike 84C

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I was at our local Lincoln model railway club show this weekend and came across this guy;Severn Models, he produces some very useful model of garden sheds,lineside huts, workshop tools, and a Mackenzie & Holland Type 3 signalbox all photo etched,which I thought could look rather Irish if painted in the correct livery. The sample etchings on his stand were excellent; so I bought the signalbox kit. His website is http://www.SevernModels.com

Also http://www.petite-properties.com who do a very good range of buildings and their range of paint/colour for finishing looks very good. Usual disclaimer just a customer!


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The range seems limited for most lineside items except for the signal box. They do look well and the some of the others may find use in some layouts. It's a shame he doesn't actually do something that is, in fact, Irish.


I've always thought it would be useful to have a resource section with photographs of a prototypical Irish railway places/items all in one place, with finished models or kits that closely resemble them alongside. The latter would be easily transformed to the prototype by the average modeler (repainting, nipping off some extra stairs or platform on a signal cabin etc.)

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Don't think I've seen ground floor windows quite that large in an Irish cabin. Other than that it wouldn't look totally out of place.



I would agree. They could be disguised, possibly? Also, it's a bit big for all but the largest Irish stations. Wouldn't be suitable for a branch line or country station setup.

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I'd say it certainly has potential to adapt.


I'm on a learning curve right now with regard to Austrian station buildings in the 1970s era! Found a good IRM type internet group who are very helpful.


All too often a good layout has buildings of less accurate standard..... better to get it right, I suppose, first thing!

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Nice one, Saw it afterwards. Nice little Dio could be made with that!


The real one is only a few miles from me here, I was there last year - I can remember when you could still drive over it.


Edit - Mmm, it says here that it was closed to traffic in 1935, but I have a clear memory of taking a motorbike over it in 1976/7.



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