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BUT Railcars

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The BUT 700 Series and 900 Series Railcars, introduced by the GNR(I) but later passed to the CIE/UTA and NIR.






Allen Doherty from Worsley Works had promised me he would do brass etches for them and as good as his word they arrived






As you can see they are not a full kit but an aide to building one. I hope to get started later in the Autumn or sooner if I can get a move on with my current projects. It will not be a straightforward build but it is one I can't wait to get started on.

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What roof will you use


The same as before on other Railcars I've built using a widened Comet aluminium roof and Isopon. There are some pictures of UTA Railcar 6 & 7 showing the method.








If there is an easier way please let me know.

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