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Station for sale

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Colin R

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Charm oozing potential. Exterior and grounds looks like it hasn't been properly maintained for years. Some fun heating that gallery with all that glass. Wonder if stone floors were lifted and insulated. Shame the old signal left to rot.

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B&B? - a perfect ancestral home with room for we oldies, the boys plus their families, each in their own demesne!!


Pity I'd have to murder the Boss, as she'd never move to Ireland!


No good having a LGB garden railway - only a 12 inches to the fut job would do - maybe the RPSI could loan the buyer a 101 Class?


No - thinking out of the box - if you could afford that place, you could probably afford to have a replica BCDR tank built and a train of their six wheelers.

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"Overlooking it all is the signal cabin, the last one standing belonging to the old railway line...."


Nope - Ballynoe (just about), Killough and Tullymurry BCDR cabins still remain. The signal on the platform is an ex-NCC somersault, brought to the station by the long-time owner Mr. James Black who was an NCC employee, originally from Castledawson I think. I visited him and and his wife at Saintfield on many occasions.

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