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David Holman

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I am glad I am not the only one that missed this website, though my computer had gone wrong when I could not touch base with you guys, was there a reason why it had gone down?


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I couldn't really think of a good reason why I had been banned 🤐 and since I didn't really know about FB site, after rebooting my router, using several different browsers etc. I had to email a member in NZ to see what was going on. So the site was down for a week?

(It's taken me about three hours to write this post due to the delirium and the shakes....🤕 )

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3 hours ago, Colin R said:

Hi guys unless I have missed something, I would put it down to a technical glitch or someone forgot to pay the web server / phone bill. Not that it matters now,  just glad to have it back up and running.


Colin R 

Was a case of an illtimed auto-update on the server, which changed the web-server configuration in such a way that the existing config file contained an error, preventing the server from starting the web server (despite the actual server up and running), combined with me being away without connectivity!

Auto updates have been disabled!

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