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Mountfleet Models 1/24 Clyde Puffer.

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Hi all,

This was a pressie for my Fathers 70th, 5 years ago and he is just not up to the job due to MS and poor Memory, I did not want to push him to finish it as he is just not able so after some cafeful discussion he asked would I take it on so this is the next project. It is a bit model, There is a Mark 3 on the deck for size Comparison.

In order to finish this I had to splash out on the follow bits and bobs and you though Trains were expensive!, Add to that Brass wire, replacement Handrail Stanchions and a Step up Converter plus a bit of paint!

QD20 1:24 Scale 10ft Clinker Dinghy 1
£15.65 / US$19.56 £15.65 / US$19.56
RB017314 14mm bottlescrew with 2mm dia thread fork ends 7
£1.12 / US$1.40 £7.84 / US$9.80
K65409 8.7 x 5.7mm Brass Stud-Link Chain 1 mtr 1
£13.91 / US$17.39 £13.91 / US$17.39
K62212 Brass Shackle 4mm wide x 7mm high (Pack of 2) 12
£5.10 / US$6.38 £61.20 / US$76.50
4125/20 Rigging Cord Natural Hemp 2mm 5mtr 1
£4.14 / US$5.18 £4.14 / US$5.18
GR632 Working 360-degrees lanterns: 17 mm high (Pack of 2) 1
£6.42 / US$8.03 £6.42 / US$8.03
34390 Rigging Cord Natural Hemp 1.25mm 10mtr 1
£2.88 / US$3.60 £2.88 / US$3.60
RB08230 Single derrick block 6.8mm long (Pack of 5) 1
£3.62 / US$4.53 £3.62 / US$4.53
RB01006 6mm dia drilled brass sheave 3
£0.52 / US$0.65 £1.56 / US$1.95
5664/23 360 degree masthead lamp,Dia. 12mm 1
£6.85 / US$8.56 £6.85 / US$8.56
RO1643 Nav lamp set lighting board 30mm long 6v 1
£11.58 / US$14.48 £11.58 / US$14.48
F643 Ships Bell 10mm high x 10mm dia 1
£0.83 / US$1.04 £0.83 / US$1.04
Subtotal £136.48 /

Here is the current State of play this am, More done in the past 5 days than 5 years, To be fair he did most of the superstructure for the decks but that was it. I had to strip down a good bit in order to tidy up the splodges of Resin he dropped about the model. ( I hate working with Resin but it is a must)

Here are some pictures of the boat. It should looks nice when done and the smoke unit is working away and the lights working.

cheers for now.


Sorry wrong shutter speed on the camera so bit blurry Arrgh.









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Hi Shipmates, 

Full steam ahead on this one, the Hatch done, Hull Re Sprayed, Steering chains done, Handrails done and some other little fittings not that  apparent. Just now waiting for the rigging gear and lights and some other little bit n bobs to enhance it. Sneaky Titanic in their too.













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Not at all , this out there on the net anyhow, STG430 for the kit Mr Midlands. foggy smoke unit STG50,  Speed controller, Motor, Receiver and Battery will be under €200 and I have banged out another €160 on rigging and lights.

Not Cheap by by heck you have some amount of Model for the cash and you get to go out to play too and it is quite pleasing on Sunday am down the Atlantic pond with the other lads having Tea and biscuits and talking to the passers by admiring your handywork or thinking you bought it in Smyths Toyshop!,  (well in the old days when we were left out!)



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Want one, want one!...... I currently reading the Para Handy collection by Neil Munro and regularly see Puffers on our Scottish holidays

Very jealous and you've made a lovely job!

Chust Sublime! As captain Peter MacFarlane might say.

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Cheers Angus.

I had hoped to bring to ol fella to Scotland for a trip on the Vic 32 but I'd say he would not be able. they do some free runs too apparently, I love to have a blast at stoking the boiler for a bit! I have to do it before I get too old.


I've heard about this Para Handy lad I must look into the books, I think there was a TV program too I believe.

I'd Love to stick a Live Steam unit into it but 1000 bucks kicks that one to touch, should of studied hard in school Eh!


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1 hour ago, Angus said:

Want one, want one!...... I currently reading the Para Handy collection by Neil Munro and regularly see Puffers on our Scottish holidays

Very jealous and you've made a lovely job!

Chust Sublime! As captain Peter MacFarlane might say.

Well said! Wonderful books ....

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The Step up convertor arrived in the post today. Some types of these are handy as you can also step down so have a application for Model Railways too if you want to power lights off your 12V you just dial in the out put and hey presto (not this one though). Simple enough to use. you can see here the unit was set at 22V output, the little POT was then dialed with a screwdriver to the desired out put that I needed to 24V. Magic

The joy was short lived as the flipping mister unit gave up the ghost 10mins later. 5 years old but 10 mins switched on. FFS. I hope to be able to get the mister part itself now so I don't have to junk the whole thing.

You can see the mister unit taken apart in the 2nd last photo.














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Hi Lads,

My packet if goodies came so the rigging is 90% done, just need to do the rat lines and source a suitable Cargo hook. Still need to have some 1mm cable or the winch to arrive and some black a white rigging thread and a few other bits n bobs to set it off. 

Leds going in tonight in the cabin area

Heres the status at of Last Saturday,






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My Canon got a dump in the River last week after a buddy capsized the indian Canoe with two kids on it, Dried out now and working thankfully!

Weathering has started now with the base down, gonna be a lot of learning with how to do something on this size and have it looking good hoepfully like the real deal picture below and the lights were fitted yesterday.
















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LOL, there is a Superb Example which TBH makes my one look Like dog muck. However I have taken much from the chaps build but the fact the ol fella did 80% of this already I can really go back an wipe out what he had done as that was his stamp. The are areas I see that what once he would of done to prefection and I have seen his plank on frame stuff from the billing boats range he kinda rushed into the build without much thought about fit which is gutting for a fella that I certainly look upped to and still do! Pity I did not learn as much more from the man in my youth when I had the chance.

This guys model as described as having more detail than the real thing. It is a work of patience, Art, Detail and pure model making but needs a mucking up! LOL

If you care to have a gander here is the link:  https://www.modelboats.co.uk/forums/postings.asp?th=101076&p=17


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More weathering done or possibly overdone and I touched up the hull chipping, Need to get some salt streaks on the black part next and bed the stuff in and some fading on the red. You can just about see the Smoke coming out of the stack but as it was near gale force it did not hang about to much!










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Slowly Slowly does it, Weathering complete. faded the hull so looks kind of used and perhaps more pity and love will be shone upon here in the Pond, The ol fella is 75 tomorrow but still need the final bits to come through so not complete for his Birthday, the rocket pack never came through and the back up plan of a Balsa wood Comper Swift and free flight glider also do not materialise so it is going to be 2 packet os Bassets allsorts for now


Few Piccies for now.














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Ahoy there Maties.

Well I did not get it finished for me Dads 75th but Father Day turned out to be reasonably nice so a meet up was arranged at Knockananig Reservoir near Fermoy, The reservoir used to supply the water for the town. Its a lovely wooded location but frighteningly deep water, Possibly 150ft deep. If we lost a boat it was gone for good.

Anyhow the Puffer was ballasted out and good god she was heavy but ready for her maiden voyage. Snag though two wires pulled out of the converter which meant the smoke unit was not operational and I had no screw driver to fix and could not remember anyhow which wire as Live as they were brown and green.

I got my Talacre ready too and she had her 2nd proper voyage this time in heavy seas due to the wind whipping up the water from time to time. Passers by were pretty amazed at the the 2 boats doing there thing especially the kids as some got to have a go at the controls.

Anyhow the boat and a book of Parahandys Full stories and a packet of peppermints was handed over for fathers day and I got to spend a lovely hour with me Dad. :)

Turned out it was a dicky switch that caused the lack of power to the lights too which is a pity , next time, maybe dusk sail.

Heres some pics.














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That is beautiful, I am about to start one myself, scratch build superstructure on a fiberglass hull which I found on eBay, Can I ask how you did those double rivet lines on the hull , they look fantastic.

By the way, there are four episodes on Vital Spark on YouTube I watched them last weekend. 



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This was on the GRP Moulding Mark - Thankfully done for me!

However I supplemented lost ones using Track pins. Possibly a round headed pin /Dolls house hinge nail inserted into a drilled hole would do the trick, Long process though.

Another method is PVA and a Cocktail stick or Syringe and drop little droplets of glue onto the hull.

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