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Walthers Containers

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HO won't fit. As Blaine suggests C-Rail. Also Provincial Wagons have a CIE 20ft container and I understand IRM may sell containers in the future as accessories. C-Rail have 20ft and 40ft.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone, suspected as much and C rail would have been first preference but I'm currently in Asia and not too many retailers provide courier deliveries from the UK and the two I use dont stock C Rail. I'll just have to order the C Rails for delivery back to the UK abode and wait to pick them up.

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17 hours ago, Sails said:


Anyone know if the Wathers 40' containers will fit OK on the IRM liners? They are HO scale so not sure what they would look like. 


The Bell and P&O containers we provided in the initial liner run were C-Rail manufacture, and the flats are designed to accommodate any of their items, HTH!

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42 minutes ago, murphaph said:

Can anyone advise which of the C Rail containers would carry the correct livery for a mid 90s layout? I'm guessing not all of the available containers would have actually been seen on Irish rails.


If you send a PM to Arran, he'll reply with a list of what's appropriate for any era.

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