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    LOL, A Standard 4 Tank got the honors with two wagons.Too Lazy to Scramble around looking for me chipped 071's. I Wondering what the black Caps were in the Packet, Me eyes are gone to pot, A Magnigfying glass confirmed they were for the ends of the axles! Anyone spot the Real metal Springs under the wagon. nuts altogether for Detail and those little Stars on the wagon side the red printed bang on. If your spot any single ladies in China give em me number but I'll have to trade in the current wife first!
  2. Georgeconna


    Mine Arrived at work today, Yippie. Will dig out an 071 nopw to do a few loops with em!
  3. Georgeconna

    Class 800 Gauge 1 Upgrades

    Nice or what!!. Is the Track to scale though underneath?
  4. Georgeconna

    OO Works 101 - Coming Closer!

    It does look better in the 2nd shot. I think I'll wait till I see a review here when someone gets there mits on one before I part with the Hard Earned. Looking forward to seeing what you lads have to say. Maybe it is the all over grey makes it look rather plain. A green pne like Noel Mentioned would be easier on the eye. Did you get a Merchant Navy Leslie?
  5. Georgeconna

    OO Works 101 - Coming Closer!

    Just got an invoice for this.. €360.00 odd it looks to be. I might get killed for this but TBH it looks a bit Clunky, The Tender , Bolier area looks a bit rough and those springs on the tender just seem blobby and lack Finesse. Maybe it is a test sample. Mmm, I might plum for a H Class Push Pull set instead and wait for Accruascale to bang out one along with the 800. Just not sure now.. G
  6. Georgeconna

    Deltic in 4mm, By Accurascale

    No Malachite Green option though . Later Edition I imagine..😁
  7. Georgeconna

    Deltic in 4mm, By Accurascale

    Cricky 250 ain't bad for a sound equipped bells and Horns. No Moving axles box covers !!😉
  8. I have for sale a couple of MIR White Metal and Resin 4 Wheel Flat Wagons. These were used for Kegs and Containers usually around the network. The 2 x white metal wagons have the beer Loads, The Resin ones will have container loads and one single Beer Basket. Fitted with Tension locks coupling and Hornby 3 hole Wagon Wheels for excellent running Qualities. All individually numbered Looking for €25 per single wagon without load. With Bell / Orange Container Add €10.00 (3 Only) Wagon with 3 Keg Baskets, 2 with loads (drunk the other load sorry!) Add €15.00 (1 only) With 1 Keg basked add €5.00 (2 only) Postage per wagon is €5.00 Job Lot price €165.00 plus postage Can meet at Wexford show if you want to save postage? Also can weather for €15.00 for all 5 wagons and throw in 3 kids for free
  9. Hello Ranger, Sorry but all these are now gone to new homes. tks George
  10. Georgeconna

    Little Siddington

    Yes, A nice Showpiece Blue A4 would be very tempting for sure along with a great price!
  11. Georgeconna

    Trying to complete

    Cracking Box Art. Worth a frame too. Love Mk.1's on the cover, Surprise Mk.2's inside.
  12. Georgeconna

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Will there be a 1968 version of A16 in Luggage Van disguise in the not too distant future. Twould save few lads tooling up a conversion set and would sit nicely with the J15 due.
  13. Georgeconna

    Class 121

    Half Expecting the drivers window to slide shut when the train sounds the whistle.
  14. Georgeconna

    Class 121

    all you need is the wirring sound of a cine camera. reminds me of the West Cork Railway DVD. Lovely.
  15. Georgeconna

    'Huge' Model Railway in 'De Paper'

  16. Georgeconna

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    Thats nice Noel, I imagine those kinda 3D things will come out fully coloured to at some stage!!
  17. Georgeconna

    Cultra Model Railway Exhibition

    Thanks IRM for the info. Tired to get to the Museum twice, 1st time the missus ending up getting food poisoning and the 2nd time I ended up in hospital with a nose bleed from hell! 2 years time then!
  18. Georgeconna

    'Huge' Model Railway in 'De Paper'

    I looks a bit smaller than the previous one I saw. I think there is a mish mash of everything from US, Continental,Irish even a Chinese Loco if I am not mistaken there!. He has way to much stuff then don't we all it seems.
  19. Georgeconna

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    damn no Mandy either, I'll have think of another present for her for xmas then...
  20. Georgeconna

    Cultra Model Railway Exhibition

    Looks good. I think I will skip the Dublin show Next year and try this instead as I have never been to the Museum yet either.
  21. Georgeconna

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Luckily I needed a few bob a few months back, After much deliberation I flogged off the 2 RTR ones I had and 2 bodies. Normally it does not work that way for me! Re the one Wind Screen, Que the loads of emails to IRM towers saying one wiper is missing off my Loco! there were loads of questions re the lights on the Black and Tan 141 with fellas coming in to the shop and saying only one light is working.
  22. Georgeconna

    Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    Got to see these wagons in the Flesh last weekend and wow they looked superb. My finger hovering over the buy button at the moment. The Kids Braces may have to wait a small bit longer I reckon. The UK Wagons on show to were immense in every way too. The Etched steps on the PCA Cement Wagon were superb, As I mentioned to the Lads I should of Married a Chinese lady given their ability to produce models in such as fashion when compared to my efforts! It must be a fantastic feeling for all involved in IRM to achieve such excellent products in such a short time, Well Done.
  23. Georgeconna

    Little Siddington

    Ah I see some Steamers on show!. All I I saw was a Solo Class 15 and a 37 bombing around. TBH it did not hold my interest too long. However the layout should be some set up when it is complete. Some nice LNER pacific's Clattering down the P/way I hope at some stage would be sweet. The Control Panel is some set up too.
  24. Georgeconna

    Wexford Model Railway Club Festival Open Day

    Wow some buns there!. Looking forward to the Easter Excursion already! MMMMMmmm
  25. Georgeconna

    Cemflo, by Accurascale

    Oops. Seems I did not have my Glasses on when I posted that but it is a Class 26 in Green they have not a 33. 2nd time I nearly bought a 26 instead of a 33. They have no 33's in that sale.

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