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  2. Glenderg

    MK2 Wheel Sets

    Can you measure the tyre diameter - the bit part that hits the railhead?
  3. Glenderg


    I have to say that the track width versus prototype bogies is quite believable in Eamonn's photos, who needs 21mm, eh? 😛 (A set of wheel pullers and you'll pop them wheels out to 21mm in a few mins, incidentally) Glad they're going down so well with you lads, it's been a bloody pilgrammage...! R.
  4. Glenderg

    Fry Model Railway

    Yeah, a huge pity, but the reality is that the stock is knackered, and as I understand it, what can be displayed will. The other, more practical issue, is that 7mm takes up an enormous amount of space and what's on offer wouldn't do it justice. I think the 0 Gauge Wexford layout at Raheny was about the same size as whats available, should give some idea of what might be on offer. Lastly, I don't think there'll be any rolling in graves, it's designed in the same spirit as Cyril Fry's original layout, and it's a homage, not a repro.
  5. Glenderg

    Fry Model Railway

    Ah super, any word on who designed it? 😛
  6. Glenderg

    Goods Yard Building

    Pick a smaller GNR(I) Goods Shed from elsewhere. You're not exhibiting so modellers licence is applicable. A massive shed like what you propose above will dominate the scene to the detriment of the overall visual. R
  7. Glenderg

    Peco and RTR EM Gauge Track

    Fine for artistic folks to be prepared to lose some goauche, ink, canvas and time. That is the beauty of art. Sadly, none of the above applies to a commercial entity, no matter the desire. Shur the bauld Sambo would be done by now if heart ruled the head...
  8. Glenderg

    Peco and RTR EM Gauge Track

    I'm a reluctant 21mm adopter, only for the reasons that I have to be, if that makes sense. I chose 21mm and Code 100, for reliability and ease of use. I've thought about the 21mm thing for a long time, and a standard crossover would be about 4 foot long, a "shorty" about 2. So there's a practical limitation there, even if there were the customer base to support it. The other issue around 21mm is the design itself. If something is so much as a mouse hair out, you've failed, and failed spectacularly. It does fall better into the 3D printed sphere than the mass manufacturing, bit of allowance for reshaping. However, StevieB's suggestion of a 21mm Gauge Society is a great idea. I know Scalefour are the keepers of that particular gate, but it really should be a separate entity that sets practical limits on design etc. Just to be clear, I'm personally a big fan of 21mm and would help out in any way I could.
  9. Glenderg

    IRM Rawie Buffer Stop

    Aye, bit of cutting and shutting, be grand 😛 (p.s. 21mm'ers don't do modren)
  10. Glenderg

    Dublin Model Railway & Hobbies Exhibition

    Have to agree with George, Ardrath was excellent, and I wouldn't be a massive 2mm fan. Trackwork was lovely, bit of roundy roundy, bit of shunting, something for everyone. Had heard a few lads bemoan the number of layouts. Thomas and friends blue track and batteries is fine in my attic with Smallie, not sure it should be at Raheny though. Best bit was when I brought her around the layouts, and I was worried about the lego setup, that she might get giddy about lego, and I'd be into another money pit to keep her happy. Went into the room, she saw the mk3 lego flying about and just said "dad, bus" and then she wanted out. Never so proud.. 😜
  11. Glenderg

    Silver Fox A Class body kit

    I'll take it off yer hands Rich. I should be sick of looking at the things, but I as I was saying to EMC at the weekend, I did one up and am sorry I gave it away. Seperate springs on the bogies etc. R.
  12. Glenderg

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    OK, this is complex, so bear with me Kevin. There's no such thing as EM 21mm or P4 21mm. It's just 21mm. There are different wheel profiles and back to backs for all 3,so to avoid confusion for any other lads, I'll refer to it as 21mm. The gauge or width of track is 16.5mm, not 16mm for 00. I design all the wagons and locos to 1:1 and then scale them, that's where compromise kicks in. A bit like the taras, you'll have 28mm axles with wheels at 16.5mm. So, when one approaches the A class for 21mm conversion, it's as straightforward as removing the panel underneath the bogie, removing the axles, (leaving the cogs on the axles), and removing the wheels from the axles, assuming you'll want rp25_88 (EM) or ultrascale wheels. This is all dependent on the track gauge and scale you have. As for the queries about colours and details, I know it can be confusing about high waist black and tan crossleys versus high waist EMD's, and cranked livery for rebuilt versions. We will amend the website to make things easier during the week, but we've spent a long time on this project, and all your concerns about wipers, rivets, green livery (which one?) and so on, will all be addressed. Every variant like sandboxes, wipers, and speedometers have been modelled, I just have to make 15 more models to reflect each variant. I'm looking forward to the livery discussion.. 😜! Rich
  13. Glenderg

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Their will be "Apple Green with lining" and darker "Ripe Apple" Green liveries. Yes, I'm so looking forward to the Battle of Green 2018/19 ....
  14. Glenderg

    Red star on stock

    Something to do with static electricity build-up, that the wagon is earthed, I think. Open to correction. I only work here.
  15. Glenderg

    HORNBY train

    Sounds like a cog is missing on the first one and some work required on the second, but nothing major. There'll be enough heads at the show who know what they're at, someone will have an answer, a fix, a bodge. I'm handy on ringfield motors, but the older triang type are outside of my pay grade. Eoin?
  16. Glenderg


    Afternoon all. I was thinking of doing a cut n shut of this using two ancient Hornby LMS Stanier Coaches. Any additional info would be most welcome, length, provenance etc. to try and put together a drawing of it. Snaps from 1979 when it was clean! Ta in advance. Richie.
  17. Glenderg

    eBay Watch

    Amen, Brother!
  18. Glenderg

    Tools and Equipment

    https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/product/precision-hobby-pin-vice-set-meng-models-mts-023 Comes with a full set of bits too, best I've ever used. R.
  19. Glenderg

    Glengarriff + my former Irish models/layouts

    Love the finish to the shed fascia, captures the era and location superbly.
  20. Glenderg

    Lima Class 201 River Flesk

    Agreed, 50 notes tops inc postage. If even that....
  21. Glenderg

    Murphy Model spares

    Everything, for 2 locos, please. Been the test queen's for everything IRM for a while and fallen off the bench in Crumlin more than a few times. Clumsy stuff on my behalf.
  22. Glenderg

    GSWR Brake Vans

    https://www.irishrailwayana.com/pa104a.htm Mid way down, Leslie. R.
  23. Glenderg

    Grounded Bodies

    Just passed this on the way into Armagh City - https://goo.gl/maps/TdXzg9cigNw GNRI 9 ton van? R.
  24. Glenderg

    Amiens Street Terminus

    Urgh, that clown...
  25. Glenderg

    Castleconnell 160th

    One of the prettiest stations on the network!

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