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  1. Robert's Workbench

    Deadly! Really good light to work from, even if it's tedious decal stuff. As an aside, Lidl/Aldi do an A3 cutting mat every now and again, 8 Bobs or thereabout, if you ever start running out of cutting surface.. Richie.
  2. Clogher Valley Project

    Full of meandering tales, some taller than others, plenty truth, a hint of equivocation, but a goldmine nonetheless! Back to the layout - I just love the architectural juxtaposition of windows and symmetry, or lack thereof. So well captured, and as for track, just yummy...R.
  3. 00 scale corrugated iron sheeting

    JB, I got catering tin foil, sprayed spray mount glue on it, and folded four sheets over to give it some density. I got some corrugated plastic and cut two pieces to size to make a simple hand press. Cut the tin foil into long strips and used a little roller from the kitchen drawer to get even compression and glued it to the cardboard base of the roof. Plenty wobble in it to look prototypically wonky! Takes ages to make that amount below, mind. R.
  4. There have been a few pilot tech log entries with a suitably wry response from the maintenance chaps, and the instance above reminds me of this "(Pilot) - Mouse in cockpit.(Engineer) - Cat installed." Full list if anyone's interested - http://www.b737.org.uk/techlogentries.htm
  5. Double Beet Wagons Decals

    Always on both sides, but no reason nor rhyme to placement, so long as they are along the solebar. It's down as 12-04 for the first two (December 2004) and there'd be a few months between the ULT test usually, so it might be ULT 5-05. Interesting to note the alternative placement of running number between lower left and centrally on the doors when compared with my photo above...
  6. Double Beet Wagons Decals

    Robbie, Hope the attached photo helps with locations. Open to correction here, but I believe that D-LK is brake test carried out in Limerick, GR-LK is General Repair, and ULT is ultrasonic, carried out in the North Wall. First two are generally grouped together since they are usually done at the same time. R.
  7. GS&WR green paint

    I think it has too much blue in it to be honest, which results in a more "Racing Green" tone. There's definitely a hint of yellow in it, not much, but enough to differentiate from the Bachmann US coaches. Since putting a high gloss finish on coaches is frowned upon (seemingly) the lack of gloss plays in to this. The first coach doesn't appear to be varnished at all in that scene, has a much lighter tone as opposed to the more polished third classes behind. Bit of a minefield, really. R.
  8. GS&WR green paint

    Popeye, I resprayed a few some years ago, and found that if you used a deep green, mixed with some Royal Blue (Cross ink in my case), you'd achieve a blend that matches the Bachmann US coaches perfectly. The shade of green, when viewed with the HD copy, available to purchase on YouTube, is that same deep green, but with yellow added. I've screen capped as few balanced shots so you can make your own judgement, but even watching a short clip will have you scratching your head, but my I reckon the lighter shade is more appropriate. Richard.
  9. Barrier wagons

    The containers themselves were a NATO green, as opposed to the more lively green on the ammonia tankers themselves. Gorgeous George of this parish posted up some photos some time ago, and I'll be damned if I can find the post...But the wagons were standard rust/bauxite/rust. Oh I note they were Fred Dean's on Flickr....oops.. (The vertical yokey on the end is to stop scrotes opening containers and lifting the contents, so it's likely the wagons weren't specifically for barrier wagons)
  10. MGWR Inspection Saloon

    Yer man's ladder isn't worth a fiddlers, state of it.
  11. Riversuirs Workbench

    Agreed jason, a behemoth of a wagon up close. Reckon I'll have to get committed to St. Joseph's in Limerick so I can hop over the wall in the dead of night with the measuring tape and camera...
  12. 21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    In a moment of inspired madness, I decided to change my little test bench layout to 21mm, and since it's a quayside layout, I'm not going to get all up and flustered over chairs, sleeper spacing and such. It'll be a nice thing to do as I need a 21mm test track for work reasons, I can use code 100, solder the lot together and go with a remote control system instead of dcc. That suits me on every level, and I'm looking forward to the gauges arriving from Scalefour.
  13. Oxford Rail MK111 Coaches

    MK4 coaches beget a MK4 DVT and pairing with a suitable loco... and they run on a very restricted geographic area - plus they are as wide as yer wan's tail end, they'd look daft on 16.5mm track. Plus there are folk who give out about how they upset their seating and comfort, and I don't want to hear that debacle again! And as for the Mark 3's, though they hold a special place for me, the lads sum it up rightly. "Its off the table" *unless I win the lotto...
  14. Oval sprung buffers for C/A class?

    lovely tones on the sideframes popeye!
  15. Costs are one thing, but we're also keen to push the boundaries of what's possible. A certain detail implemented on a UK wagon, which transfers in spirit to the Irish scene, is a no brainer. That said, there'll be some stuff coming to our shores, in terms of tech, that's normally only seen on locos, because it's worth doing. Interesting times ahead, Gents. Rich
  16. 42ft Container flat - 3D FUD

    I know Des announced one here at €15 a pair, but I hadn't seen it up on his site, hence the assumption that it wasn't available as a kit.
  17. IRM Future announcements - How would you like them?

    This is not at all creepy, Jim!
  18. IRM Future announcements - How would you like them?

    SWMBO has just vetoed the idea of a webcam in the kitchen... 😆
  19. 42ft Container flat - 3D FUD

    Just a point of information here, the US ride control bogies shown are being phased out as they are a maintenance nightmare and I think there's only four sets left in use. The Sambre et Meuse Y33 is not available rtr or kit, but the Bachmann Y25's at £11 from Hattons is the closest available option.
  20. Last Minute Itch

    Throw a bit of track down, play around with it, walk away, come back and tweak. Part of the fun of the hobby, Tony!
  21. enniscorthymans workbench

    Realistic? Them's the cleanest looking trees I've ever seen, no mind the wagons Superb stuff though, despite my poor attempt at humour.Rich.
  22. NIR gen vans

    Robert, No need to struggle for drawings, already in circulation! Richie
  23. Thank you. We'll have a cup of tae and a Sambo to celebrate... I just realised I've not actually seen the orange production versions...medical misadventures...
  24. Laser Cutter

    Laser cutters and plastics (styrene) gives off some poisonous gas, IIRC. Chlorine gas I think. I think thicker acrylic is ok. What thickness of material are you looking at? R.

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