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  1. Glenderg

    eBay Watch

    Amen, Brother!
  2. Glenderg

    Tools and Equipment

    https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/product/precision-hobby-pin-vice-set-meng-models-mts-023 Comes with a full set of bits too, best I've ever used. R.
  3. Glenderg

    Glengarriff + my former Irish models/layouts

    Love the finish to the shed fascia, captures the era and location superbly.
  4. Glenderg

    Lima Class 201 River Flesk

    Agreed, 50 notes tops inc postage. If even that....
  5. Glenderg

    Murphy Model spares

    Everything, for 2 locos, please. Been the test queen's for everything IRM for a while and fallen off the bench in Crumlin more than a few times. Clumsy stuff on my behalf.
  6. Glenderg

    GSWR Brake Vans

    https://www.irishrailwayana.com/pa104a.htm Mid way down, Leslie. R.
  7. Glenderg

    Grounded Bodies

    Just passed this on the way into Armagh City - https://goo.gl/maps/TdXzg9cigNw GNRI 9 ton van? R.
  8. Glenderg

    Amiens Street Terminus

    Urgh, that clown...
  9. Glenderg

    Castleconnell 160th

    One of the prettiest stations on the network!
  10. A spotters charter?
  11. Glenderg

    Small production run of MGWR 6 wheel thirds

    Defo, will take two please. Richie.
  12. Glenderg

    IRM Fert Wagon

    The mesh doors were a weight saving device, initially, but...if you see the weird CIE logo tack welded onto to the door? It was never a prototype, or a test, it was a full on design destined to work. Problem was that forklifts and humans bumped into these mesh doors all the time, and within a few weeks they were wrecked and would get gummed up in the slotted door system. Same with the chains that were used as a handrail. These were ditched after a short time too. They didn't even start with the bars in the centre to prevent double loading of the pallets. It's amazing what you find after spending weeks looking at fuzzy photos, and working out the why and where of these things. Like the straw coloured roundel, for instance, and I'm not taking the mick JHB! Richie.
  13. Glenderg

    IRM Fert Wagon

    Spot on @Mayner about the weight rating. I'd say you're right about density, would make sense since they didn't fill the central two bays with more pallets. @jhb171achill I've slides and photos showing the roundel clearly in white, and clearly in straw yellow, not tan, so both will displayed on the plates, and we'll take it from there. I can't publish them, sadly. This is the Max Load 48 Tonnes marking, as seen on both wagons June 2001. Lastly, this is the roundel on the fourth door. (With a straw roundel) HTH, Richie
  14. Glenderg

    building material finishes

    That's a pretty useful resource, even for brick nerds like me. Worth a sticky! R
  15. Glenderg

    IRM Fert Wagon

    No, Popeye, that's the 6th wagon of the eight proposed, so the markings are in around the 2000 year, and they are sort of set out in a chronological order. The faded wheel will be barely noticeable on the real thing to (hopefully) capture the "end of life" look these beauties. The first and second twin-packs have the straw roundel, and the last wagon it begins to fade as the time period moves away from that branding. Richie.
  16. Glenderg

    building material finishes

    https://scalescenes.com/scratchbuilders-yard/ R
  17. Glenderg

    CIÉ Trucks in the 70s

    Those markings on the cab side appear like a PR shot - time to Dublin, Distance to Dublin, that kind of thing. Bragging rights, not a livery as such. Here's the actual livery.
  18. Too clean, my eyes!! Looks lovely George, fond of the aul brake vans and becoming accustomed to 7mm, love the dropside SR wagon and the 2mm siphon too. R,
  19. Glenderg

    Well she did ask

    @Broithe you have been summoned!!!
  20. Glenderg

    Irish Bufferstops

    The rail clamps are present, but there should be friction elements too - 16 in total if memory serves, beneath the main buffer and spaced out behind. I scratchbuilt a few for Boskonay, hence the nerdiness. interesting "prototype for everything" shot.
  21. Glenderg

    IRM Fert Wagon

    Not much craic doing deco plates at this hour of a friday night, mind....
  22. Glenderg

    Kingsbridge - Kadee + coupling conversions

    The very definition of railway modelling, if I ever heard one!
  23. Glenderg


    Afternoon all. I was thinking of doing a cut n shut of this using two ancient Hornby LMS Stanier Coaches. Any additional info would be most welcome, length, provenance etc. to try and put together a drawing of it. Snaps from 1979 when it was clean! Ta in advance. Richie.
  24. Glenderg

    IRM Weedsprayer

    Maybe for the second half of a World Cup game, or tha, not that fussed... (Mon' Columbia, daddy needs a new pair of shoes... 😛 ) But no, modelling mojo is at an all time high - graphics plates on the entire 42 project, sorting some Cemflo data in the morning, a skype date to work on our most epic project yet, and even got to do some work on my own personal E-Class projects. (reinforce the word "personal" here, be reading anything into it) Cheers Sean, always appreciated from a fellow traveller! Rich (The E Class business was last sunday afternoon during the Sunday Game Bosko, so chill.. )
  25. Glenderg

    IRM Weedsprayer

    Jaysus Red, I'd take you up on that had I the time. The wiggly green pipe that used to traverse the sides, and how to do it, is currently addling me, amongst other things. R.

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