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  1. I saw Pempoul at Model Rail Glasgow 2012. It is magnificent! Here are some photos I took, including some shots of the explanations behind some of the creations. The shot of the river, with the buildings either side is probably the best I've seen. Do try to see it!
  2. Anyone remember Southern Model Rail (I think that was the name), in the basement on Lower Leeson Street?
  3. Yep..the aroma of tobacco wafting through the shop from the pipe he was smoking is the abiding memory I have from this wonderful shop.
  4. I loved the 121's! I cannot tell you why, but the sight and sound of a pair of 121's on a liner train, up at notch 8, was a sight and sound to behold! You have probably all see these videos already of 121's in action which I posted on YouTube some time ago, but for those that haven't here's a reminder of the 121's in action: Eamonn
  5. Great to see this again! As a teenager I remember setting the staff in the machine for manys a train in Kilcock Station Cabin in the 1970's. I remember a story of one of the relief signalmen on duty in Kilcock setting the staff but decided to wait under the stairs instead of climbing it. The snatcher arm on the down passenger broke and hit him in the stomach. He survived but was out of work for many months afterwards. I must upload some photos of this! Thanks for posting.
  6. Here's an interesting and interactive view of London from its latest and tallest building, The Shard. This gives the viewer a 360 degree panorama over the skyline, with zoom ins, sound bites, and useful facts. There's plenty for us railway enthusiasts amongst the views! http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/interactive/2013/feb/01/view-from-top-shard-london-interactive
  7. Excellent stuff Anthony...lots of very realistic shots, and as they say...it's all in the detail!
  8. Here's a video I posted last week on freight working in Ballina which features a reach stacker at work in the yard, which might be of interest.......! Eamonn
  9. Found these in my collection - B130 was heading the 20.20 mail out of Amiens Street (Connolly) on the 26th April 1973. B132 was on shunting duties in Glanmire Road when this shot was taken (undated but mid '70's probably). Makes me feel ancient! The window sizes are obvious!
  10. Me neither!! I'll echo heirflick's thanks, Eiretrains!
  11. Firstly, its great to have these drawings made available. They are a fantastic asset. In saying that, and as regards the 121 class which would be my model of choice, there are differences between the drawing and the 'as-built' photo above when it comes to the cab roof and the cab front elevation. Any of the models I have seen to date have not captured the pronounced roof curve, which seems flatter on the drawing than the reality. For example the space between the top of the centre window and the underside of the cab roof certainly appears greater on the 'as-built' than on the drawing. Also the
  12. Patrick. Excellent work. You have really created an atmosphere! It's the little things that count like the telegraph poles and the banking on the curves which sets it off. And besides, anybody who has a Sandy Denny album in their collection already knows the meaning of quality and good taste! Looking forward to seeing more of this. You are definitely inspiring me to get up off my proverbial and do something! Eamonn
  13. Happy Christmas to all! I posted that Enfield clip on YouTube a good while back now as part of a bunch of clips from the MGWR. I have not been able to upload any more in the meantime because of a broadband upload problem. All that will be resolved within the next two weeks ( bye bye Eircom!!)..and then I look forward to sharing other footage from around the system over the coming months. Eamonn
  14. Excellent work all round. 071 is top notch. I have a rake of bubbles to build and this inspires me no end! Can you post details on what you used to spray the bubbles please and what you are using for weathering. Brilliant stuff and keep the photos coming. Thanks. Eamonn
  15. no chance of scaring me off at this stage! Now I must start writing out my 100 lines!!!!
  16. Hi all. Well, after a long time 'sitting on the fence and observing' I've decided to take the plunge and well..... this is my first post!!! Picked up my copy of the calendar at the show over the weekend. Excellent quality and excellent photos! Nice to see so much freight....what little we have left. Everyone should get a copy!!! Well done.
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