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Problem adding pics?

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I had the same error yesterday when trying to add a pic to a PM from my Android phone. Same format I always use also. Just checked now, still getting the error. Tried a pic I sent before in the same PM thread and it's also giving the same code 200 error.

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On 25/5/2021 at 7:29 PM, BosKonay said:

Looks like the cloud move undid some of the memory limits. Will fix! Thanks :)

Old thread but this exact thing is happening to me now, what is the fix?  Put up some large videos lately was that a bad thing? 🌝

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Same here on my phone (Android). Getting a 200 error from the server. I tried uploading the same pic on the Chromebook and it worked fine.

I usually upload pics straight from the phone because I don't have to download them from Google photos first like on the Chromebook. They are already locally stored on the phone.

Could be that Google slightly compresses them for storage and the version I uploaded from the Chromebook us slightly smaller. The one I tried uploading from the phone last night on my workbench thread was 4.0 MB.

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On 10/8/2022 at 9:42 AM, BosKonay said:

How big?

just normal jpeg but i stuck up a few vids of merlin a week or two ago that were about 600MB that i thought might of twigged somthing. 


havent tried since so perhaps it has been fixed.

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