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D301 Class

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Anyone got any photos of the D Class Shunters other than what few are available online. Just wondering if both side profiles are identical as I might try a Lima Class 08 conversion in the future.


Do you have any books on cie/ir? There are even colour pictures in some of them. By this, I got to know they had at least two liveries, green and black. Due to copyright reasons it is alas not possible to post the pictures here. One is in the "colour picture books" of Tom Ferris, another one in the Irish traction Diesels booklet. I myself did not find any picture from the left hand side, presuming the coolers are on the front and the cab on the backside. I would also be interested in such a picture. Until now I hesitated about converting a 08 class because of the cases at the sides; now, thanks heirflick, I know they are removable, thats really great! About that bargain: I could not find one for 49 whatevers, be it pound stg or Euro(n)s. Did you already buy them all?

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sentinel.....https://railsofsheffield.com/bachmann-32-101-class-08-d3729-br-green-diesel-shunter-32-117-JJJA6002.aspx away you go now and get one! shes not hornby but im nearly sure the side boxes can be removed. for the price id chance it anyway!

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These are the links to the only pictures I could find online





On the third link if you scroll down there is a small pic, but you have to join the website to view it properly.



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