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Bachmann Announcement

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LMS Stanier Mogul 2-6-0


40 locomotives were built between October 1933 and March 1934. The first was withdrawn in September 1963 and the last in February 1967. 1 locomotive has been preserved.




31-690 LMS Stanier Mogul 2-6-0 2955 LMS Lined Black Riveted Fowler Tender £118.95


31-691 LMS Stanier Mogul 2-6-0 42969 BR Lined Black Early Emblem £118.95


31-692 LMS Stanier Mogul 2-6-0 42968 BR Lined Black Late Crest (Preserved) £118.95

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Sweet. It's the BR Mark II air cons that will be getting me to part with my cash. About time there was a high quality version of these.


I have to say that I can't wait to see the MK11's myself Fran. Bachmann seem to be listening to their customers, the Blue Pullman and the MK11's seem to have been at the top of the list of what modellers have wanted to see produced. I look forward to seeing the DBSO.



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The Midland 1F has a passing resemblance to a GSWR J11, apart from the cab and belpaire boiler.


Personally I think the Bachmann J72 if its still available would be a better option and cheaper than the 1F.


The 1F is a lot bigger but years ago someone modified a Triang Jinty into a J11 there are photos of the loco in a railway Modeller Article ffrom the early 70s on building a (West Cork style) corrugated iron goods shed.

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Mayner,lots of J72"s available s/hand and cheap. Do you get up to Kawa Kawa in Bay of Islands Area? maybe you know the railway there?


I am kept on a short leash these days Kawkawka is a long way 4-5 hours drive North. The railway has a Peckett steam loco Gabriel named after on of the Schull & Skibereen locos and runs down the main street of the town http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsSGBdsp3Kk.


The J72 is quite a usefull small loco several were kitbashed into the MGWR E class or J26, the new Bachmann 1F is pretty close in outline to the large Midland tanks used for shunting and banking duties at the North Wall some even had belpair fireboxes Class J10 - 618 - M&GWR Class P 0-6-0T, built 1890 by Broadstone Works as Midland & Great Western Railway No.105 HERCULES -  1911 rebuilt with Belpaire boiler, 1925 to GSR as No.618, 1945 to CIE - withdrawn 1949 - seen here at Broadstone in 1938.

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