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230, 219 & 083 Waterford West 19/5/13

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Excellent Pics Riversuir.

Good to see the 'old' Enterprise livery is still in existence. And still cropping up on freight duties. Nice models by the way... were did you go for the renumbering decals for the 201's. As a Waterford man I should look into renumbering my own 222 to something more closer to home :D


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Decals are from SSM, I ve renumbered 3 silver 201's to 215, 223 & 226 using SSM decals.


Cheers, I knew SSM did the 'IWT' 215 decals alright, wasn't 100% sure if they had decals for renumbering other 201s. Nice one, another project for the 'to do' list.:tumbsup:

Cheers, Tom

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Nice picture Tom any bogie flats over there. I see 076 has an old IE stlye sliding window like 112.




Didn t spot any, was on the way over to ferrybank & spotted 076 on the timber. I got access to the old Bell terminal earlier got a few pics of the eastern side around were the sidings joined the Rosslare line must post them up.


086 has got a IE door!!


223 with lots of orange coming through


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One freight livered 071 in hiding on the far side of the mark 3's with empty liner flats, 076 at the refueling point

076 waterford2.jpg


Tut, tut someone has damaged the lamp iron:facepalm:.


Went for a little walk again from the red bridge to the toll plaza on the bypass, just the start of a stroll on the Dungarvan line to be done over the next few weeks.

076 waterford.jpg

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Nice pics Tom. I got a few pics of that tamper at work last night. Did you see 071 in Waterford today?


Ah not again, i keep missing her wouldn t mind but i was working over time today to pay for the little 071!!!!, have to confess i crossed the border to catch the timber today.

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076 at the fuel point, after walking back to the car spotted the gates closed at the old bell terminal so stayed a little while and 073 with an empty load of container flats, first time since the closure of the Rosslare line i ve managed to catch a movement south of the station.


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