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NIR Ballast Wagon.

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Here are few pic's of a NIR Ballast Wagon that was made from a Cambrian Models Kit C67 SR 40t Hopper Wagon. Tranfers from SSM & Ballast is from Woodland Scenics medium gray. Paint is Humbrol Insignia Yellow 154. It's not a bad kit to put together but some tricky parts on the two ends.





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Lovely models, they remind me of being very young and my railway world revolving around 111 and staring out the window in hope of seeing her as we went past York road on the way to my grannys house, and 'the hoppers' as I called them where something I occasionally saw. Quite whether it was those ones or the newer ones I am not sure though!

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As always, lovely work on the ballast wagon, especially the subtle staining. Would you consider sticking all your projects in one thread as the content is a real joy to roll through, great inspiration all round?


As for the lime white staining, go on, tell uz, how ja do it? :x


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Thanks for your comments. It might be better to put all pictures in one thread, it would be easier to see all the pictures in one place.

The white dust staining on the side is just light grey paint dry brushed until you get the effect you want.

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