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The Gort Layout at The B.N.S Kinvara

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I've seen the layout myself and it looks fantastic when it is being operated. I am sure it will create a huge amount of interest to the people that attend. Hopefully it may fuel or re-awaken interest and bring some new members to the hobby and the group. Best of luck with it.



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Hi everyone,

Had a very busy morning yesterday a group of special needs children visited Santa who were so interested in the train setup especially a young boy who lives close to the train station in Athenry and knew the Galway -Dublin timetable by heart and knew the various engines i.e.141,161,201,072,plus mk2+mk3 coaches what an impressive young chap he knows more than I do on Irish trains the visit ended with a rousing sing song of Christmas songs with Santa and Mrs Claus and even I joined in .A memorable Day:banana:

With pre Christmas Greetings



Gort at BNS 052.jpg

Gort at BNS 002.jpg

Gort at BNS 003.jpg

Gort at BNS 005.jpg

Gort at BNS 025.jpg

Gort at BNS 030.jpg

Gort at BNS 049.jpg

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