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Behind the scenes in China

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Saw this on RM Web Rapido Trains visit to Chinese factories & talk about a British model.






Thanks for the link, which brought back very happy memories, of my time in Hong Kong. I noticed that the girls were all muffled up against the cold - it was probably in single figures Centigrade and as the guy on the clip says, not heating in a place which is normally cooking hot.


On that tooling costs thing, David White and i were quoted £10,000 to tool up to produce a GN cattle wagon, so you can guess what Paddy, God love him, has spent!


You may be entertained by the "factory" - but they used to build QJs at Datong with just as few signs of "automation".


Very happy days, notching up rides behind 75 of those QJ 2-10-2s - always travelling on my own - the Chinese were lovely friendly people AND, I even got into a Christian church on Christmas Day in 1998 (there were a fair few Christmas trees around even then!). Easter Sunday in Shanghai in 2002 was one of the most moving days of my life, in a packed church, singing the same hymns as we do in any Irish church on that day.


On another thread, Ivan mentioned that he didn't know that I was Provincial Wagons - now I'll let him into another secret - I was the last European Chairman of the Hong Kong Railway Society - my first four GNR locos were built in the former colony!


John, thanks again for that illuminating link.



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How do you write "G N R" in squiggles, Leslie!


Careful, John, the site has at least one Mandarin-speaking member!


CNR makes a lot of use of the GNR's railcar livery on locos and some coaching. Behind me in the showcase is a Bachmann model of a DF11 Co-Co on Blue and Cream. Of course it's nearly invisible behind the Class QJ 2-10-2, which is enormous.


Thinking of that, when the roundhouse is built, I'll photo it beside a VS!!!!!!



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