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Enterprise Model Railways, Belfast.

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A friend of mine, knowing my interests, sent me this link - http://www.emrbelfast.co.uk/ - the other day. People might be interested.




For the Facebookers - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Enterprise-Model-Railways-Belfast/486441301506130


Has anybody had any dealings there yet?


No but I believe it's being run out of his home rather than a 'bricks and mortar' style arrangement. I am 90% sure (although maybe someone like Mark's, Seamus Graham or Herr Bracken can confirm) that you need to have a shop before Bachmann will provide you with stock to sell?

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These bright eyed bushy tailed kids appear from time to time, full of rampant, flowing enthusiasm and rapidly either sink quickly or get torn to pieces as a faulty item lands them in court due to not handling it correctly. A look at the boys FB page does not inspire and items like the one Ive quoted below is not something any serious business would make public knowledge


I'm pleased to say that once I have received my new airbrush kit and had some practice to regain my skills, I will be offering weathering, detailing and respray services! This is expected to be in 2-4 weeks depending on how quickly I can pick up on where I left off (skills wise). I'm very excited about this personally as I've always enjoyed dirtying up and re-identifying loco's and rolling stock! I became somethimg of a professional but sadly never thought to capture the finished articles on a camera of any sort, apart from my phone at the time, and I've also lost the memory card for it as it's so bl**dy small!


Never admit failings or that you know little of something. Get someone who knows what they are doing and use them. Also model shops in Belfast tend not to last very long for whatever reason. Probably prices compared to the English boxshifters who sell the same items for less.


Also social media is not the way to advertise, best way is to trade at exhibitions.


He also admits his business budget is rather limited and that he is trying to launch himself. The first rule of business is that you must spend money to make money and this small fry wont become a banquet anytime soon.........


Looking forward to the closing down sale when the 'Model Shop' is returned to being the spare bedroom

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Indeed, most of these start-ups do fall by the wayside, of course - but I can remember dealing with John Goddard-Watts when he used to sell boxes of screws in Exchange & Mart from the stock he kept in the garage of his house in Yeovil - I know have the luxury of just nipping down to the Screwfix counter at the bottom of my road.


Every now and then, somebody will hit it right - whether this is the one or not, time will tell - the answer often comes quickly, though, as Ed says.

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"Also model shops in Belfast tend not to last very long for whatever reason".


Just being pedantic, but ......


I wouldn't agree with this statement, as "The Model Shop" was in business when I was at school and continued until Gareth shut up shop recently (mind you after a move out of the city centre) - so that's fifty years - most businesses don't last that long!


Your point about the English Box Shifters is, of course, the crux of the problem. We all use them, but if we're wise, we buy stuff from the local man too - you never know when you need some little part and if he's gone out of business ..........


I think another issue is down to the character of the person who runs the shop. Some are uncommunicative and you feel you're intruding by even being there, others are chatty and helpful. The latter get my business any day.


In fairness to Blaine's comments, I agree that there are things to keep under your hat until you're established and in the end, actions speak louder than words!



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I would like to request that you refrain from commenting any ill founded judgements in future. None of you have purchased from EMRBelfast in the past and as such have no reason to make malicious comments about my company. I have my reasons for starting on a small budget, and for advertising the way I do. I'm not going to sit here and justify my reasons for these. I very much doubt you realise the financial impacts of having a "bricks and mortar" shop, certainly when you are a 19 year old. I do not agree with getting myself in loads of debt before I've even got off the ground. If you have doubts about my company I would urge you to contact me through the Facebook page instead of making ill founded assumptions and judgements on my company in future.

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I'm not going to sit here and justify my reasons for these


I would urge you not to make this mistake. You would be much better served to allay any customer concerns (on a forum with a large potential target audience for you might I add) than take a defensive stance like that. Instead of having a go at understandable and genuine questions by potential customers why not answer them? And why not answer them where they're being asked than telling them to go to Facebook?

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Just posted on Facebook


Enterprise Model Railways Belfast is in the process of being closed down, as there is too much competition and I don't have the resources or the finances to proceed. Those who have already ordered from me will have their purchases honoured. Thank you to all those who supported me in my efforts to establish myself in this business.


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