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Non-Passenger 80 Class Workings

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Hello all


Is anyone aware of any non-passenger work done by the NIR 80 class when they were in service?

I can only think of a few examples - 90 hauling 458 to York Road a few years ago, 67 (I think?) hauling the DHs, and again 90 shunting about 728. Can anyone think of any more?

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80 Class power cars may have been used to work the "Derry Vacuum" between Lisburn & Waterside.


The Vacuum was an overnight fully fitted express goods that ran between North Wall and Derry with freight for Donegal in the 60s & 70s


The train was diverted to run via Antrim after the closure of the GNR Derry Road and was usually hauled by MPD or EE railcars between Lisburn & Waterside.


The service ended in the late 70s when traffic to rail freight to Waterside was cutback to Fertiliser and possibly bagged cement

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There are also some nice shots of class 70s passing Downhill on freight workings...


1977: http://www.geograph.ie/photo/3462144

1979: http://www.geograph.ie/photo/3462139


Great photos I did not realise CIE operated bulk cement and unit load/sundies container service to Waterside. The mixed manifest consists are more typical of the Speedlink wagon load era in the UK than CIE freights of the same era.

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I've seen a pic of a train somewhere with four MPD cars hauling it..... four!


Like Union Pacific or something!


They would have needed at least 3 MPDs to put out a similar power output to a 141 or 4 to equal a 181 or Hunslet.


The heavy freights would have put a terrible stress on the MPD engines and transmissions. In Diesel Dawn Patrick Flannigan spoke of power units shutting down as engines and transmissions overheated until there was only one 275hp power car trying to keep the whole train moving.


Between the constant threat of closure, reliability problems with MPD cars and Crossley locos the drivers and fitters lot could not have been a happy one in the 60s and 70s

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