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A Class marker lights.

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How many rear facing red marker lights did the A class have? There seem to be 2 pairs of light housings on each end of the loco but any photos I've seen only show one red marker (the same as the 141/181/071's) and two white when running forward.


Specifically referring to Supertrain era locos here.



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Thanks Garfield.


And how were these positioned? Was it with the 2 white lights to the outside?




White Red Red White




I believe the white light was located on the left-hand side of each cluster, so... white red white red.


Edit: This photo appears to show that exact arrangement: http://table158photography.weebly.com/uploads/8/2/1/2/8212554/____mj0374.jpg

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Red is always on the Right - easy way to remember it.


Looking from which direction, inside the cab, or outside the cab looking straight at the loco head on?


On ships the red 'Port' lights are always on the left side as a good wine is never 'left' behind :)


EDIT: Sorry, just looked at the photo. Same side as ships assuming each cab is forward. Red/Right viewed from outside, Red/Port/Left from inside cab. :)

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