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That's some railcar!!!!! Eight wheeled bogies!


Imagine that on the Bundoran branch or the Harcourt St line.... or the Portadown to Carrickfergus all stops....


A pretty revolutionary bogie for 1930s, too, JB... they were designed to carry the railcars at speeds of around 100mph, and be able to take tight curves without decelerating.


There's an interesting page about them here: http://retours.eu/en/23-autorail-bugatti/#


Saw the last surviving Bugatti autorail at Cité du Train in Mulhouse during the summer and it's certainly a sight to behold!

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I didn't know those things even existed. Did they actually operate at that type of speed? Where, when?


They were used by a few of the pre-grouping railways in France on some top link service and SNCF continued to use them in this role up until the 1950s, at which time it was decided they were too expensive to operate (I think their engines used a mix of petrol and alcohol rather than diesel). The lone survivor continued in departmental(!) use up until the 1970s or thereabouts.


Anyway, sorry for dragging the topic away from Bren's quality workmanship...

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Thanks for the comments,I've gone a bit off topic myself this year. I've lost a bit of interest in the model trains.The 121 was a one off,a flight of fancy I had some spare perspex it was a toss up between a class 20 or the 121.

Getting back to the Bugatti type 35, it's made from empty thinners tins and a little MDF. So far everything on it has been scratch built.

The body went together fairly quick it's the little bits that take the time.I don't think i'll get it painted this side of christmas but I will post some photos when it's done.

Next year I plan to have a go of the Bentley blower and a big 141 and maybe a bit of painting and wallpapering......



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And here's something similar - scroll about three-quarters of the way down the page after clicking the link.


That's one of the 'Presidential' Bugatti autorails - the first type to enter service. That particular one is actually the last surviving Bugatti autorail of them all. Saw it last summer at Cité du Train in Mulhouse:




(My iPhone camera struggled with the terrible lighting in the museum)

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Thanks for the kind comments.

The car started off in a blue foam form, which I sanded to shape. I used an empty thinners tin, cat food tins, coke tins.. ect to shape the body. I originally started to solder to body together but discovered hot glue is way quicker because using hot glue on metal is very hard to hold in your hand, I applied hot glue to both pieces then stitched it together with a soldering iron. Other materials used, MDF for the wheels and plastic spure from old kits and anything else that came to hand that the wife doesn't know about.

For the future I'm planning a Mercedes SSK Black Prince, from the chassis up a proper scale model. A large scale Millennium Falcon and a Deltic and a 141

P.S. as i have said already the Bugatti is to scale i just don't know to what scale......... it was more an exercise in making something out of the materials available. I consider it finish, I don't think it merits any more detail.









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