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The webserver now pushes all traffic to a HTTPS / SSL encrypted version.


There should be no tangible impact, other than improved security and more favourable google-ness.


Do please let me know if you spot anything odd(er than usual around here ;) )

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Any one having problems logging in, I'm finding I have to go to a thread, select reply then the login pane opens. Any suggestions. TDR


Same here - I logged out and wouldn't have found the way back without that hint - phew...!


I'm 'remembered' now - I hope.



The login box just doesn't come up, unless you follow the line above from TDR.

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Can you try log out and back in again, if that doesn't work can you add a screenshot of what's happening?


Hi Stephen. FYI, it is working fine with the 'IRM old style' theme because the login UID + PWD are part of the page header and work ok. On the two newer styles 'Irish Railway Modeller Fluid' and 'Irish Railway Modeller Fixed' the 'login' link does nothing. Hope this helps. Noel


PS: Recommend to other users do not log out, or if you do switch to 'IRM old style' at the bottom of the page and then login using the user name and password boxes on the page header.


PS2: Possibly an issue with the cookie URLs on the newer themes (i.e. http: v https: in the cookie or login url page anchor paths).


New Style URL for 'login' [noparse]https://irishrailwaymodeller.com/#login-box[/noparse]



PS: The mobile theme also is working for login.

Edited by Noel
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