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MRSI 2016 Show - St Pauls College Raheny October 29-31

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Was there any information on how the Murphy 121 is coming along?


In conversation with Paddy, he indicated that 2017 would definitely be the year of the 121! However, he is unwilling to indicate when exactly it will arrive. I gather that the technical work is well advanced however. Patience, and lots of it, is the essence of Irish railway modelling I'm afraid.

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I enjoyed the show and had a great day out. I got to hold a cement in the hand under watchful eyes!!, the detail is unreal, Even below the bubble was something to behold, I will have to have incorporate a glass section on the layout to view these from underneath!!


Lots to see and some unreal bargains to be had. Came away with about €270s worth of Baccy rolling stock for €120. Missed a nice Hornby 2P at a bargain price on the Train Mans stand which would of been sweet to double head with my West Country's!~(at some stage!)


Well done on the Cafe set up, Dare I say it turned a few quid as it seemed to be was quite popular during the day I was there. It was great to be able to plonk down and have a chat with some fellow modellers and have a decent sup of scald and a bit of nosh. the Ladies catering put up a fine show.

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A great show today. Good to see Leslie and the IRM crew.

Dear All


It was indeed good to meet a lot of folk behind the names over the weekend and gratifying to admit to my best sales ever in a day! I'd have been better off in church on Sunday morning, but that's always the way of it and I'm certainly NOT complaining.


It shows that if you have the RIGHT stock for the venue, you will shift it - over fifty H vans out of the door as kits and RTR. Don't worry, though - it's still available in both forms!


Congratulations to the gents of the MRSI on a grand show and especially to their Ladies who looked after us in a manner that would have shown up many a top notch restaurant!


Now, back to planning the project after the beets…..



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