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Spare a thought for crew of CG rescue 116 heli

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Captain Dara Fitzpatrick. She along with her 3 crew mates are heros. RIP


Wow. :( My dad (who holds a helicopter PPL) trained alongside Captain Fitzpatrick for a while back in the day. I remember attending events held by the now-defunct Irish Helicopter Club with him, and Ms Fitzpatrick would frequently attend them, too. Even though a long time has passed (it must be 20+ years ago now), I can still recall many of the other pilots (all male, incidentally) commenting on her exceptional skills as a pilot.


May she and her fellow crew members Rest in Peace.

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This is just absolutely ghastly, horrible.


Our coastguard, lifeboat and search / rescue teams are the bravest of the brave. It puts land-based pay claims into a third place of comparative insignificance when we look at a group of people who selflessly go out to rescue people when Mother Nature is at her angriest; every time they set out they risk their own lives to save others.


A wife of a friend of mine in the west, who couldn't swim and was afraid of water took it upon herself some years ago to learn to swim and give something to society. She became a coastguard and within less than two years of operating as such, she had personally saved the lives of six people, and been involved in many other highly dangerous rescues. These people are our greatest unsung heroes and let us hope that this horrible tragedy will highlight the great sacrifices and exceptional bravery of these people.


May the deceased rest in well deserved peace, and we think of their families.


And may the rest of us realise what really is important in life.

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